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April 11, 2021

A new chief at the National Administration of the Penitentiaries, starting on 1st of August

JusMin Raluca Pruna announced on Friday that starting on 1st of August she will appoint Marius Vulpe as Interim General Manager of the National Administration of the Penitentiaries (ANP).

The decision has been taken as a result of the fact that the current ANP manager Catalin Bejan, will retire starting on 1st of August.

Marius Vulpe is currently the manager of the Iasi Penitenciary.

“Marius Vulpe is the chief of the Iasi Penitentiary since 2006. He became a penitentiary manager following a conquest and I mention this in the circumstances in which there are not few penitentiary managers temporarily appointed. He is a manager since 10 years at a difficult penitentiary, which has all the four regimes of detention: open, semi-open, closed and of maximum security. I know Mr. Vulpe from the visits I performed in penitentiaries since I took over my term and I believe that the managerial experience he owns and the safety on the job will help him to be a good manager of ANP”, Raluca Pruna stated.

She explained that the National Administration of the Penitentiaries is led today by a General Manager and three Deputy General Managers, of which two are on prolonged sick leave.

JustMin has underlined that, given the circumstances, she actually had to work only with the General Manager Catalin Bejan and the Deputy General Manager Dan Halchin.

Pruna mentioned that Marius Vulpe will have the freedom to appoint two temporary Deputy managers, instead of the two managers that are in the sick leave, while Dan Halchin will remain in office.

“I have decided one more thing, besides the ANP formal management – to form a group, a task-force”, consisting in maximum five penitentiary managers who have measurable and verifiable statistic results, such as work access. This group will cooperate with the ANP formal management, and I’ve asked the ANP management to directly report to me, starting on 1st of August, about any progress made by this group. My intention is to be able to decide a series of administrative actions together with the ANP management, which will have immediate consequences in the day-to-day life of the persons being in detention, before proposing a legislative bundle for the parliamentary session in autumn. We don’t need legislative decisions in order to amend the food ratio of the detainee, in order to provide him with access to consumer goods: bread, water, toothpaste, soap”, also said Raluca Pruna.

JusMin reminded that next week a public debate will be opened, “in order to identify the potentially legislative and non-legislative solutions”. “Obviously, to the extent that legislative measures will be needed, I restate my determination to cooperate with the Parliament and my conviction that Parliament understands the seriousness of the situation ad it will promptly adopt the necessary legislative measures during the autumn session”, underlined Raluca Pruna.

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