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April 23, 2021

Romania’s automotive market, up 10.2pct in H1, 2016; legal entities make up 79pct of buyers

Romania’s automotive market advanced 10.2 percent in the first half 2016 with a sales volume of 61,151 units and legal entities making up 79 percent of buyers, according to data released on Monday by the Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA).

As far as domestic production January – June 2016 is concerned, 201,274 motor vehicles were made, down 5.3 percent from the similar period of 2015, but up 15.7 percent from May. Out of the total, 178,017 units were made by Dacia and 23,257 by Ford.

The largest output was reported by the Dacia Duster model, of which 103,473 units were manufactured (up 19.9 percent from the first six months of 2015); following in terms of outputs were Dacia Sandero (31,122 units, -6.7 percent), Ford B-MAX (23,257 units, -11.7 percent), Dacia Logan MCV (22,560 units, +6.7 percent) and Dacia Logan (20,862 units, -53.3 percent).

As far as the ratio between individuals and legal entities is concerned in terms of automobile buys in June 2016, there was a relative balance of 46 percent v 54 percent, while in the first six months of 2016 the ratio was clearly favouring the legal entities, 79 percent. Also in the first half of the year, data with APIA show that imports of used motor vehicles advanced 24 percent from 2015, which gives a rising ratio of used to new motor vehicles of four used cars to one.

With a total sales volume of 14,929 units in June 2016, Romania at the end of H1, 2016 had a total volume of 61,151 units, which is 10.2 percent higher than in H1, 2015. Automobiles made up 79.2 percent of total sales (48,451 units), up 6.1 percent, while passenger and freight commercial vehicles made up 29.1 percent.

In terms of exports January-May, 2016, there were 182,097 units exported, down 5.3 percent from January-May, 2015. The most exported model was Dacia Duster (100,182 units, +19.8 percent from 2015); it is followed by Dacia Sandero (27,078 units, -7 percent), Ford B-MAX (23,254 units, -11.7 percent), Logan MCV (20,382 units, +0.9 percent) and Dacia Logan (11,201 units, – 66.1 percent). Virtually 90.5 percent of Romania’s H1, 2016 output was exported, similarly to 2015.

APIA statistics also indicate that topping the automobile make ranking as of mid-2016 was Dacia, with 14,176 units (a 29.3-percent market share, down 16.7 percent from H1, 2015); next were Volkswagen, with 4,890 units (10.1 percent in market share, up 12.3 percent from 2015), Skoda, with 4,829 units (10 percent in market share, up 19.1 percent), Renault, with 3,871 units (8 percent in market share, up 34.5 percent), Ford, with 2,913 units (6 percent in market share, up 4.4 percent) and Opel, with 1,985 units (4.1 percent in market share, up 23.5 percent).

A breakdown by models shows Dacia Logan as the best seller of H1, 2016 in Romania, with 5,933 units (-26.4 percent from 2015) delivered; next was Dacia Sandero, with 3,148 units (+8.6 percent), Dacia Duster, with 2,474 units (-28.7 percent), Skoda Octavia, with 2,156 units (+16.6 percent) and Renault Clio, with 1,708 units (+58.4 percent).

Sales of domestically made motor vehicles plunged 18.7 percent in H1, 2016, y-o-y, while sales of imported motor vehicles surged 19.5 percent in similar terms, according to APIA.

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