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July 1, 2022

The Romanian drone Hirrus participated in Unified Vision 2016 NATO exercise

Two years after the last activity of the same type, a team from Romania was invited to participate again with Hirrus UAV at a JISR (Joint Intelligence Surveillance and Recconnaissance) exercise of Unified Vision series, the most important and far-reaching NATO exercise in history, in the areas of intelligence gathering, the surveillance and reconnaissance made with the help of the drones and high specific technology, recently held in Germany. The most prestigious system integrators and manufacturers of ISR technology from 17 countries took part in the event, for a know-how exchange in practical demonstrations, made jointly by the participants. The exercise aimed to support decision-making within NATO Command and Control Centers.

The event brought together over 400 participants who worked and communicated in a distributed environment in 10 different locations, to quickly address the threats posed in complex scenarios.

The Hirrus flew in Ilfov area being coordinated in real time from Germany by Bogdan Nedelcu, Head of Strategic Projects Teamnet Group: “The exercise of integration with IT and robotics industries proved a successful experience. Although our focus of activity is represented by the civil sector, Hirrus demonstrated once again the ability to identify and provide real-time data into new areas, meeting the most demanding standards. Our team has “staged” activities on topical issues, thus being one of the most popular live demonstrations by the participants. ”

The Hirrus demonstration focused on two types of applications: one of supervising and facilitation of actions and the second one, the protection of a VIP convoy. In the exercise, were pursued the following: the ability of UAV systems for detecting and tracking moving targets, monitoring of large areas to identify suspicious movements of convoys and the identification of activities that pose a potential threat to densely populated areas.

Dr. Timm Ohlhof, Chairman of Study Group 210 under  NATO Industrial Advisory Group (NIAG) said: “Hirrus was successfully operated during five days of the exercise, even despite the bad weather. The system had a very good visibility in the community of JISR NATO, demonstrating an outstanding performance and dedicated during the Distinguished Visitors Day. Teamnet had an essential contribution in the NATO JISR exercise and represented Romania successfully. ”

Also, the NATO agency for Communications and Information (NCI Agency) said on the site the following about the UV16 exercise: “Some locations have included Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and United States of America. The RQ-4 Block 30 Global Hawk, the Romanian drone Hirrus and the Belgian B-Hunter aircraft have made remote type flights in real time. ”

The command post for this exercise was hosted by the Training Center of the United States Air Force in Germany.



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