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January 18, 2022

Calin Popescu Tariceanu: PNL is led by an illegitimate team, a tow of Cotroceni

The leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), Calin Popescu Taricenu, reacted on Friday to the Alina Goghiu’s statements, who didn’t exclude a governance alliance together with ALDE, but without the Alliance’s co-chairman; he stated that his party will not cooperate with a PNL led by a team that the voters illegitimated.

“ALDE’s position, not just my personal position, which was adopted inside the democratic mechanisms of the party, regarding a possible dialogue or a political cooperation with PNL, was and remains consistent. We will cooperate in one way or another with PNL when this party will put the Liberal values and the values of the rule of law on the forefront, and when it will stop encouraging the abuse of the institutions of force of the state against any citizen, regardless of the pretext”, stated the ALDE leader.

He appreciates that the legitimacy of the current PNL leadership was poor from the start, because of the way it was imposed by President Iohannis, and it gradually damaged as a result of losing the Liberal identity of the party and because of turning PNL into a tow of Cotroceni, “which reality is confirmed by the failure in the local elections”.

“The two PNL Co-Chairmen are not better regarding the trust, since they are placed well below the party’s level. As an answer-conclusion to Mrs. Gorghiu’s idea, ALDE will not cooperate with a PNL led by this team that was illegitimated by the voters and by its own performance, with a PNL for which the word ‘Liberal’ in the party’s name was emptied of content”, stated Calin Popescu Tariceanu, according to a press release sent to Mediafax.

The ALDE Co-Chair also said that by commenting on attracting ALDE to the governance together with PNL, Gorghiu has confirmed her statement about “plans concocted in secret labs” in order to maintain PNL in power at any price.

“Did she say it because she wasn’t careful? Did she say it in a hurry, because of arrogance, or because of ignorance? Or maybe she decided to reveal the secretly concocted plan and to waive at the current role of PNL to be a tow of Cotroceni and at the role of the occult laboratories obstructing democracy and the rule of law? It’s hard to say. (…) If we look back to the transformation of the anticorruption fight into a pretext for eliminating inconvenient opponents and politicians with the help of the files manufactured by DNA in cooperation with SRI, yeas, I say Mrs. Gorghiu is right, and I understand why she’s not nervous at all and why she says that the parliamentary majority will be formed very quickly. Doesn’t Dragnea want a national union Government? There’s no problem. What for the independent Justice is? Doesn’t Tariceanu want national union Government? There’s no problem. What for do we have DNA? And, generally speaking, is there anybody staying against us? There’s no problem. ‘There’s no innocent person, but only persons we haven’t deal enough’”, the President of the Senate stated.

In his opinion, Alina Gorghiu’s statements represent the acceptance of the fact that “regardless of the will expressed by the voters at the polls, PNL will lead the future parliamentary majority and will provide the PM, either be it disguised in an independent or in a technocrat”

PNL Co-Chair Alina Gorghiu stated on Thursday that PNL will not have 50 percent plus 1 at the parliamentary elections not even if it does a “stretched Tsukahara”, saying that she will have a talk to UDMR, USR, if it enters the Parliament, and that she doesn’t exclude a majority with ALDE, without Tariceanu.

“Let’s put our feet on the ground and say that neither PNL, nor PSD will have absolute majority. We cannot have 50 percent plus 1 even if we make ‘stretched Tsukahara’, as the late Iordanescu said. It depends on who will enter the Parliament. UDMR will be the first dialogue option, which we never missed in any way. Neither the former PNL missed a dialogue with them, nor the former PSD, nor the current PNL will miss the dialogue with UDMR, because they are a very reliable, loyal and honest party at the governance. Otherwise, t will depend a lot of the parliamentary formula”, stated Gorghiu in an interview for DCNews.

“I wouldn’t have any problem to have a dialogue in order to form a majority with USR, if they will reach the electoral threshold”, she said, underlying that she doesn’t exclude a majority with ALDE, “regardless of what Tariceanu is saying today”. “I don’t exclude a majority with ALDE. I didn’t say that I will form the majority with Mr. Tariceanu”, PNL Co-Chair added.

She suggested that the ALDE parliamentarians will not resist to the invitation to enter the Government.

“Show me a case since 1990 until today, when the parliamentary majority wasn’t formed if the President assigns the PM mandate to a party, saying: “You, PNL, form the Government!”, as it will actually be the case now, since we have enough votes and we’ll have the capacity to form the parliamentarian majority so that we will have a stable Government. As for forming a majority when the President offers the possibility to form the Government to a specific party, I believe that this could be arranged very quickly. I don’t have any doubt that we’ll succeed to form this parliamentary majority in order to provide Romania with a Government”, Gorghiu asserted.

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