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October 24, 2021

Liberals analyse proposal to nominate single party leadership at national level

The Liberals decided to meet on Monday in order to discuss the stage of the merger between former PNL and former PDL local party branches, considering that the party’s central leadership still has to nominate the leader of just one party branch. The analysis of the advisability of nominating a single party leadership at national level too will be carried out at a party conference in the autumn of this year and not in 2017 as initially scheduled.

The option of nominating a single leadership at national level too was launched by PNL Secretary General Ilie Bolojan this week, according to Liberal sources, the move stemming from the dissatisfaction expressed by some party branch leaders in what concerns the way the party is working in the dual leadership formula.

Thus, party branch leaders have complained that party branches with dual leadership registered poor election results in the local elections, so that expediting the merger is called for at the level of the central leadership too, against the backdrop of the approaching parliamentary elections scheduled in the autumn.

Nevertheless, the sources point out that organising a party conference in the next months is not likely, because it would have to be backed by the largest possible majority of party branch leaders. Moreover, since time is short before the start of parliamentary elections, PNL could lose the chance to organise itself and to set a clear strategy and a unitary message in view of these elections, since it would be more concerned with internal elections, News.ro shows.

Liberals also fear the disgruntlement of the losing side, something that could occur following the election of a single leadership. Moreover, at this moment the party leadership which consists of Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga is the one that will approve the party ticket for parliamentary elections, while in case of a single leadership the decision would belong solely to the elected party president.

Likewise, at this moment PNL has a big problem it has to solve by the time the elections campaign starts, namely to find a nominee for the office of Prime Minister, one with whom to enter the parliamentary elections and who would promote the Liberal government platform.

Since Dacian Ciolos told PNL he does not want to join a party and he wants to finish his tenure as technocratic PM, the Liberals have to decide whether endorsing him, without the Premier’s involvement in the campaign, could bring benefits to the party or on the contrary could lower its chances of success.

Thus, the chances of holding a party conference before the parliamentary elections are low, according to party sources, the single national-level party leadership being most likely set to be established after the elections, with the results of the elections set to matter a lot in the election of the party’s new president.

Thus, in case of election success, the person nominated by PNL to lead the Government would also take over the de facto leadership of the party, Liberal sources added.

PNL’s agenda on Monday also included the nomination of a single leader at the helm of the Mures County party branch where the merger had yet to be completed. Likewise, single leaders were about to be nominated at the helm of the party’s Youth and Women’s organisations which had been led by co-presidents from PNL and PDL.

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