Blaga: PNL to hold internal elections for new leaders of Bucharest district branches

On Monday, during PNL’s National Political Bureau (BPN) meeting, Ovidiu Raetchi was appointed Vice President of PNL Bucharest, while Costica Canacheu was appointed Secretary General. The party’s Bucharest team will be rounded off with the presidents of Bucharest district branches, who will be elected by party members through direct ballot, News.ro informs.

PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga said that the party leadership has decided that all party members in Bucharest who meet statutory conditions will take part in the internal elections through which the new presidents of district party branches will be elected.

“Likewise, the Bureau’s membership was rounded off, in line with the Statute, and Cristian Busoi and First Vice President Adriana Saftoiu will be joined by Vice President Ovidiu Raetchi and Secretary General Costica Canacheu and the presidents of internal structures,” Vasile Blaga added.

He said that there were also talks on the merger of the political bureaus and executive councils of party branches in 12 counties, and the talks will continue at the BPN meeting next month.


Gorghiu says Busoi claims he is not nervous about plagiarism accusation


PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu stated on Monday that PNL Bucharest President Cristian Busoi stated, when asked by colleagues about the accusations according to which he plagiarised his doctoral thesis, that he is not nervous at all in this regard.

“We have no further comments other than those made at the moment the topic was publicly discussed. We will see the conclusions of those who are analysing the issue and Cristi Busoi and we will decide accordingly,” News.ro quoted Gorghiu as saying in what concerns the complaint filed against PNL Bucharest President Cristian Busoi’s doctoral thesis.

The PNL Co-President pointed out that Busoi’s colleagues asked him about this.

“He said he is not nervous at all in what concerns his doctoral thesis,” Alina Gorghiu added.

A plagiarism complaint concerning Cristian Busoi’s doctoral thesis (“Health policies in electoral and government platforms during the transition period”) has been filed at the National Council for the Certification of University Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates (CNATDCU).

According to the procedure, a valid complaint is automatically sent to a CNATDCU commission where it is analysed by a working group consisting of some of the members of the special commission. In case the working group’s verdict is that plagiarism took place, the verdict is then analysed by the commission and finally within CNATDCU’s Council.

Busoi presented his doctoral thesis at the doctoral school of the “Victor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Timisoara, the thesis being coordinated by Cristian Vladescu.

According to the complaint filed last week, the main works that represent the sources of the potential plagiarism are: Andrei Taranu, “Contemporary political doctrines,” SNSPA 2001 course, and Alina Mungiu-Pippidi (coordinator), “Political doctrines,” Polirom 1998.

The complaint is based on an analysis of the doctoral thesis published on contributors.ro in February.

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