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May 18, 2021

Dan Condrea’s death ruled suicide

Dan Condrea’s death has been ruled suicide, the Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Wednesday. According to the prosecutors, Dan Condrea’s death was violent but there were no clues pointing to possible homicide.

Dan Condrea died as a result of suicide, prosecutor Cornelia Adriana Sandru, the Prosecutor General’s personal aide, announced on Wednesday.

Prosecutors from the criminal prosecution and forensics section of the High Court of Justice’s Prosecutor’s Office have finalised their investigations into the May 22 car crash in which Hexi Pharma owner Dan Condrea lost his life. Hexi Pharma was at the epicentre of the scandal concerning the use of diluted disinfectants in hospitals.

The investigation carried out at scene of the crash and the body of evidence analysed by prosecutors show that:

  • The tire tracks had a length of 53.2 metres and veered to the right of the road
  • There were no braking marks and no evidence of an attempt to avoid collision with the tree
  • The tire tracks show that at one point the auto vehicle was no longer driven in a straight line and veered outside the road
  • There were no other auto vehicles in the area, neither moving nor stationary

At the same time, the autopsy report authored by the Ilfov County Coroner’s Office concluded that the death was violent, caused by traumatic lesions caused by impacts with blunt bodies and surfaces and with the parts of an auto vehicle involved in an impact with an obstacle, by multiple road trauma, and have a direct, unconditional causal link with the subject’s death.

The autopsy did not turn out any non-vital lesions or lesions that could have had causes other than the ones mentioned. The car crash took place in conditions of good visibility and dry weather, and the road surface was unobstructed.

“The conclusions of the coroner’s report and of the technical assessment report, corroborated with other pieces of evidence, show that the auto vehicle, which had no brake or steering malfunctions, was driven at a speed in excess of 100 km per hour and collided with an obstacle as a result of the fact that the driver changed the direction of travel, veering toward the side of the road and not braking despite the fact that it was obvious that such an action would lead to a state of grave and imminent danger, the death being the result of suicide,” prosecutor Cornelia Adriana Sandru announced.

Dan Condrea died on May 22 in a car crash that took place in Ilfov County, close to Buftea. In June, Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar stated that investigators were taking into account the hypothesis of suicide.

Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar announced last week that according to the technical assessment report the car that Hexi Pharma owner Dan Condrea was driving did not have problems with its braking or steering systems at the time of the impact.

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