Wave of resignations hits UNPR after announced merger with Traian Basescu’s party

*Ilie Nastase on UNPR’s merger with PMP: They can merge with whomever they like, don’t count on me; I’m not uniting with the devil


Ex-tennis player Ilie Nastase, UNPR Senator, stated on Monday he will resign from the party and told his colleagues not to count on him for the merger with PMP, being of the opinion that they “are befriending the devil.”

“We’re not uniting with the devil, I for one am not. As for my colleagues, I don’t know what they’re going to do; I have no business with comrade Basescu. (…) What should we do, should we do that with others who were [in power] before? If we were to do it, we should do it with new ones,” Ilie Nastase stated for Mediafax.

The Senator added that he will resign if he has to and that UNPR can merge with whomever they want but they should not count on his support.

“Not on me, these guys should not count on me. I’m not going, they can merge with whomever they want, it’s none of my business. (…) Do I have to resign? I’ll resign if I have to. We’re not befriending the devil, God forbid, I want to meet him as far from now as possible,” Nastase said.


UNPR deserted by biggest stage actors


Stage actors Cezara Dafinescu and Alexandru Arsinel are leaving the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR). Cezara Dafinescu stated she joined the party at the initiative of former UNPR President Gabriel Oprea and she decided to leave the party because she is “not on the same wavelength” with Traian Basescu: “Ten years of Traian Basescu have been enough for me,” News.ro quotes her as saying.

Actress Cezara Dafinescu joined the political party at the invitation of UNPR founder Gabriel Oprea and says this was a part she had not tried.

“When I joined the party I did it out of the desire to do good, at the invitation of the party president at that time. The idea amused me. It was a part I hadn’t tried,” Cezara Dafinescu stated for News.ro.

She added that she was never called up for any meetings and that, considering that the party no longer exists, she is no longer a member.

“Had I wanted to, I would have joined Basescu’s party. For me these ten years were enough. I’m not on the same wavelength with him,” she added.

The actress added that she was not “ardent” and the change that has occurred at party level is “probably” a sign that she should not have got involved.

“A party cannot offer me what spectators did,” she said. “I find it odd to want to join a party and the result to be something else,” the 67-year-old actress added.

In his turn, Alexandru Arsinel, actor at the “Constantin Tanase” Revue Theatre in Bucharest, told the News.ro press agency that he parted ways with UNPR based “on joint agreement” and that he was never a UNPR member “per se.”

Contacted by News.ro, Alexandru Arsinel pointed out that he never took part in any of UNPR’s meetings and, since the one who asked him to join the party “disappeared,” he has decided to pull out.

“We parted ways on the basis of joint agreement. I was never a party member per se. It was a principled adhesion, and a week later the chaos with Oprea started,” Alexandru Arsinel stated.

Moreover, Alexandru Arsinel says he does not have all it takes to be a politician. “I realised I don’t have a politician’s qualities. To be a politician you don’t have to have qualities, you have to have precise traits, and I never had them,” he added. The 77-year-old actor had joined UNPR in the autumn of 2015.

Actor Mihai Malaimare, who joined UNPR in 2015, announced his resignation on Facebook last Friday, blaming the merger with PMP, which proves that UNPR is just “a random party” and ironically stated that he “was an idiot” when he signed the party membership form.

Vasile Muraru, another actor who joined UNPR, did not want to offer details about his status within the party. “I was not, I am not, I will not be – these are the words,” Vasile Muraru stated on Monday for News.ro.

The National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR) merged with and was absorbed by the Popular Movement Party (PMP). The PMP-UNPR merger conference will take place on Wednesday. The new party will be called the Popular Movement Party, will continue to have PMP’s party symbol and anthem and will be led by Traian Basescu, who will be seconded by two executive presidents – Valeriu Steriu and Eugen Tomac.

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