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May 27, 2022

Burn Hospital medics heard by police

Doctor Camelia Roiu, from the Burn Hospital, stated on Tuesday, after she was heard by the Bucharest Police, that the head of the hospital’s Blood Transfusion Ward is mostly to blame for the irregularities at the hospital.

“There were very many irregularities, in the sense that the Blood Transfusion Ward was not authorised, the nurses were forced to establish blood types without being qualified in this domain. I believe that the head of the Blood Transfusion Ward, who endorsed this activity, is mostly to blame,” Dr. Camelia Roiu stated when leaving the hearings.

When asked about the patients whose wounds were infested with larvae and about the frequency of such cases at the hospital, she said that such situations were “sporadic.”

“They occurred before too. Dozens of years ago I saw some larvae, but not like now. They were something… it was something accidental. Throughout the years there were some sporadic cases, but not like now. (…) I’m desperate. (…) I know I have colleagues who want to lynch me and who want… they’ve already talked that they should silence me in some way, should bring me before disciplinary commissions. But I also have colleagues I hold in esteem and I know them to be true professionals. The authorities knew what was going on in this hospital. (…) The coward colleagues, who do not admit what is going on here, should nevertheless recall they are doctors and that it is essential for them to do their job, and the biggest satisfaction you have is when you save a patient,” Dr. Camelia Roiu stated.

The Bucharest Police is continuing their hearings as part of the investigation of two cases at the Burn Hospital – the one in which a woman died after her blood type was incorrectly established and she was given blood transfusion, and the one in which a man hospitalised within the intensive care ward was filmed having a wound infested by maggots.

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