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January 23, 2022

Cyber security specialists draw up list of advice for Pokemon Go users

Avoiding downloads of false apps presented as Pokemon Go updates, sent on the personal e-mail address, as well as updates to the process of decoding the device operation system are just a few of the pieces of advice the Bitdefender specialists have for Pokemon Go users, a game that has become viral worldwide and recently available on the Romanian market.

“The mobile apps are frequently used by hackers as bait for careless people, mainly through the download of dangerous apps from unofficial stores. Users must install apps only from official stores, such as App Store or Google Play, and check after installation what data they allow the app to access. For instance, some apps can grant developers abusive rights, such ass access to location, microphone, sms list or phone contacts,” says Alexandra Gheorghe, Bitdefender security specialist.

Moreover, it is important to have installed a security solution dedicated to the mobile phone, capable to identify dangerous apps before installing and discover how aggressive the ones already installed are, but also check the comments related to any app and data about its producer before installing it.

“When you install the app on an iOS or Android system, notice what it asks you to allow access to and remove the useless ones, especially those not really affecting the game features. In this case, take the following steps: for Android, go to the Google security page and search for Pokemon Go; for iOS, go to settings and find the app; select Pokemon Go and then Remove in order to remove the full access to unnecessary data, as well as the photo camera of the device; then restart the game on the device,” the Bitdefender advice list mentions.

Pokemon Go users are also advised to carefully read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ section to know how the personal data are processed and who can access them. At the same time, as a general rule, the specialists advise against downloading false apps presented as Pokemon Go updates, sent to the personal e-mail address.

Last but not least, Apple smartphone owners must avoid the device operating system decoding, also known as jailbreak, as it disables the iOS system controlled security environment and allows apps access to various features of the phone, without asking for the user’s permission.

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