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December 9, 2022

“Forest Inspector” software against illegal logging

Timber transports can now be checked by any smartphone owner, without the need to call the Police. The Environment Ministry has made available a monitoring software that will be developed for all types of smartphones, as a measure to combat illegal logging. And in order to preserve the most valuable forest areas in Romania, the Environment Ministry has decided to complete the tally of virgin forests within 6 months’ time.

“The “Forest Inspector” app can be downloaded directly from Google Play, on any Android phone. The app is currently operational and its beta testing stage will take place in the following month in order to make sure it works at proper parameters. In my opinion, the app we are launching today comes as a natural and necessary addition to the “Forest Radar.” Basically, it allows anyone to check with their own phone whether timber transports are legal or not,” Environment Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer stated at a press conference.

According to the minister, the “Forest Radar” entailed that people had to call the 112 emergency number in order to verify the legality of a timber transport, without having clear clues as to what an illegal timber transport would have meant. “Now, with the “Forest Inspector,” we can be much more efficient, calling 112 only to report illegal transports. In this way, we will win more time for on-site interventions and better coordination of the interventions,” the Environment Minister pointed out.

In fact, the ministry’s software is easy to use, being based on the licence plates of timber transport vehicles. If the system points to an invalid code, then calling the Police is recommended because the timber transport concerned could be illegal.

The “Forest Inspector” app will feature new extensions by the autumn of this year, and the most important of them will be the user’s ability to automatically transmit a detailed notification that would allow the authorities to intervene.


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