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January 27, 2022

President Iohannis promulgates offshore drilling safety law

President Klaus Iohannis on Thursday signed a decree promulgating an offshore drilling safety law, under which a regulatory authority for offshore drilling in the Black Sea is also established.

The law tram slates to the national legislation European regulations that regard the minimum requirements to prevent major oil drilling incidents and to contain any such incident that may occur in the Black Sea area under Romania’s responsibility.

Under the new law, a regulatory authority is set up for offshore oil operations in the Black Sea as a specialist administrative authority with a legal personality operating under the authority of the Secretary General of the Romanian Government, along with its powers and interactions with other relevant authorities in the same area.

‘Major incidents triggered by offshore oil drilling can have devastating and irreversible consequences on the sea and coast environments, as well as significant negative effects on the economic activities carried out in the seacoast areas. Because of significant risks for major incidents as part of offshore activities, reducing the risk for offshore water pollution is sought in the law to contribute to securing marine environmental protection while also achieving and preserving a good ecological balance by 2020,’ the initiators wrote in their fundamentals for the law.

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