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February 4, 2023

Bucharest Stock Exchange and Sibex have selected the consultant for the assessment of companies

+ Deloitte Consultanta will perform the evaluation of the companies involved in the possible merger between BVB and SIBEX


Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and SIBEX appointed Deloitte Consultanta as the consultant that will perform the evaluation of the companies involved in the possible merger between BVB and SIBEX.

Deloitte will produce a valuation report, which presents the opinion on the values of BVB and SIBEX, together with their relevant subsidiaries, and also the share – exchange – ratio in case of the merger based on the values of the companies. Deloitte will use valuation methodologies appropriate to the property and the interest appraised, giving consideration to several factors and the statute of the companies as market operators.

Lucian Anghel, Chairman of the BVB declared: “We are satisfied that the process of the absorption of Sibex by BVB goes in a very professional way, ‎that may be a model for such transactions in the financial sector.”

“Bucharest Stock Exchange has a mission to address and solve problems of the capital market in Romania. We are today completing another stage in one of those projects enhancing the market architecture and we are looking forward to next phases of this exciting endeavor that we realize together with our colleagues from Sibex”, declared Ludwik Sobolewski, CEO of the BVB.

“The signing of this tripartite agreement, along with the coordination agreement that was signed between SIBEX and BVB at the end of June, marks a whole new approach to the past 10 years cooperation landscape between the two exchanges, a consistent approach by which the two companies demonstrate professionalism and commitment towards the materialization of a major infrastructure project for the local capital market”, declared Ovidiu Petru, CEO Sibex.

Bucharest Stock Exchange runs markets for shares, bonds and other instruments, through regulated platforms and alternative systems, and provides a wide range of services to participants of financial markets. Bucharest Stock Exchange is a public company, listed on its own market since 2010.

Sibex – Sibiu Stock Exchange was founded in 1994, having as initial main activity commodities intermediation. Starting with 1997 the company focused on the development and the administration of financial derivatives, such as futures contracts. Currently, SIBEX is market operator and administrator of a derivatives markets and also operator of a cash regulated market and an alternative trading system. SIBEX is since 2010 a company listed on its own regulated securities market.



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