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August 5, 2021

Ilie Nastase retires from politics: “You have to lie a lot”

Former World No.1 tennis player Ilie Nastase has stated that at the end of his stint as Senator he will retire from politics because he has no place being in this domain. In his opinion, only personal and party interests are to be found in politics, one has to lie a lot and politicians “love only themselves,” according to News.ro.

“The scandals between politicians and parties bother me a great deal. I entered politics to learn something good, but I haven’t learned anything. I am not myself among these people, nor are they in my presence. I believe other parties are not contacting me because I am an inconvenience. So I will finish my tenure and I will remain a simple citizen,” Ilie Nastase stated in a television interview.

“All the good things, all the European money are going to the rich, they get all the good connections and they give nothing to the rest. I’ve done my duty. If we all were to do our duty I believe the country would fare better, we would all be heroes. We are arguing before we start something. Take the Christoph Daum case for instance. The Executive Committee elected Daum and we are arguing over what he is going to do, whether he will help the team or not… What is he to make of this? He’ll believe we are crazy. Since we’ve appointed him there let’s help him out. This is our problem: we don’t want to help out in order for things to turn out well. And there’s also that saying – “this is how things are here, there is nothing we could do about it.” It’s no longer like that! I want something else. Nothing is impossible,” he added.

Asked why he decided to retire from politics and if his decision has to do with the recent merger between PMP and UNPR, Ilie Nastase answered: “I no longer want to, I’m not feeling good… What should I do there [in the Senate]? Only personal and party interests are there. If I had the power I would not allow political parties to use the Romanian flag. Because they don’t deserve it, they do not represent Romania, they represent themselves. They love themselves and their contracts. (…) In politics you have to lie a lot. Things are different in sports: you win or you lose. In politics you have to lie,” the former tennis player said.

Ilie Nastase also stated that “in the Senate roughly all of them are very rich, the interests of power and influence are [represented] over there.”

“I didn’t go there to influence anything. I do not vote how my group leader tells me to vote. I’m not interested in the merger between PMP and UNPR, I don’t know who the others are. I joined UNPR because I was Gabi Oprea’s very good friend, he is a man of his word… I have no place alongside Basescu. I signed with Gabriel Oprea, I would have joined him somewhere else, but not like this. The alliance is good for PMP, because some of our [UNPR’s] Senators are going there. It helps Basescu a lot and of course it’s no different for UNPR either,” Ilie Nastase added.

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