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May 10, 2021

President Iohannis calls to action against threats to public health

President Klaus Iohannis says individual health cannot be separated from a healthy environment: “Recent examples are suggestive. From Zika virus infections to diseases caused by uncontrolled food, we are facing ever more challenges to public health,” he told a Friday’s debate entitled ‘Dialogue on health and environmental policies in Romania.’

The event was hosted at the Cotroceni Palace, seat of the Presidential Administration. The head of state said he was happy about it, because as a president he has committed himself to prevention, to education for health and to the principle of health as part of all the main policies.

“If we want a healthier population, if we want more safety in terms of public health, and if we want a wealthy society, there is only one answer: health in all policies. This involves an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, which is no longer related only to the health of individuals and of the population, but also to the health of the ecosystem,” Iohannis insisted in front of an audience that included the ministers of health, Vlad Voiculescu, and education, Mircea Dumitru, alongside MEP Cristian Busoi and officials of the World Health Organization, of the National Institute for Public Health, of the Parliament, of the National Health Insurance House and of the National Authority for the Management of Quality in Healthcare.

Under the pressure of many factors that impact the human and environment healt, “I think it’s time to act now,” the president asserted.

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