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April 22, 2021

The actor Radu Beligan was accompanied on his last journey into applause and with military honors

The actor Radu Beligan was accompanied on his last journey on Saturday, to the Bellu Cemetery from Bucharest, in the applause of hundreds of people and with military honors. Dozens of actors and personalities from all the fields came on Saturday at the National Theater to pay tribute.

More than 200 peoples have participated at the funerals of the great actor Radu Beligan, including personalities from several fields. After he was lodged at the “I. L. Caragiale” National Theater for three hours, the coffin was led on the route: University Square – I. C. Bratianu Blvd. – Unirii Sqyare – Dimitrie Cantemir Blvd. – Serban Voda Road – Eroii Revolutiei Square – Bellu Cemetery.

Radu Beligan was buried with military honors and in the applause of the people; among those who came to pay tribute, there were present: the great actor Florin Piersic, Dorel Visan, Cezara Dafinescu, Emilia Popescu, Stefan Banica Jr., Horatiu Malaele, the rhapsodist Tudor Gheorghe, Ion Caramitru, Maia Morgenstern or George Ivascu and Adrian Vasilescu, the BNR Governor’s counselor.

“I was a student in the fourth year, when master Beligan came with a French directore, looked at me and said “He’s the guy”. He assigned me in the main role in my first movie, a Romanian-French production, ‘Ciulinii Baraganului’, after Panait Istrati’s short story. That’s how I debuted and thanks to master Beligan I reached Cannes. (…) I was visiting him often, I can’t tell you about the light in his eyes when he saw me, saying: ‘Tell me something, Florin, because I like to listen to you’. He knew how to be generous and good to everybody, he was so high that everything he saw around him was small for him, he knew he’s in a tower, not an ivory tower, but somewhere at height. (…) I have so many things to tell you about Beligan that we should stay here three or four more days, to wait him rise up from the coffin and say ‘Tell me something, Florin, ‘cause I like to listen to you’”, said the actor Florin Piersic on Saturday at the National Theater, where the coffin with the actor Radu Beligan’s body was lodged for three hours.

Florin Piersic said he learned a lot of things from master Beligan. “He had humor, he had love, I am grateful to him for teaching me many things,” said Florin Piersic, according to Mediafax.

In 2013, the day after he celebrated 95 years, right after the show called “The Selfich Man”, played and directed by Radu Beligan at the Bucharest National Theater, he received the title of the most long-living actor still playing on the stage of a theater from Guiness World Records.

He was decorated, among others, with the “Faithful Service” Order in the rank of Grand Officer, the Yugoslavian Flag Order with golden star and necklace, while France decorated him with the National Order of the Legion of Honor in the rank of Officer. He is Doctor Honoris Causa of the National University of Theater and Cinematographic Art “I. L. Caragiale” from Bucharest.

The actor Radu Beligan received in 2011 a star on the Walk of Fame – Time Square, the space dedicated in Bucharest to the great values of the Romanian film and stage.

In February 2014, Radu Beligan was included into a chart of the most important one hundred personalities in the entertainment field, along with the Romanian actors being included in the list a lot of celebrities of all ages from Hollywood, such as Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren and Angelina Jolie, according to the American website Business Insider.





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