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June 21, 2021

Cameleonia products, an absolute novelty in the interior design in Romania

Nothing gets in your way from now on, in choosing the decor that inspires you and brings happiness to you, offering a universe of colors and optimism. The artistic decors from painted tiles in large format presented by Cameleonia, represent an absolute novelty in the interior design in Romania.

“To shape the universe that represents us, we can start from an image that fascinates us and we wish to see in our home, on the terrace or in the pool,” unveils a press release of Cameleonia.

After the painting achieved by Spanish master artisans who use techniques more than 500 years old, the tiles are placed into the oven, gradually increasing the temperature to 1000 Celsius degrees, for 24 hours. The high temperature allows color to fix so that the tiles can be washed and cleaned when fitted, without risking to fade. The fitting technique is the same as in the case of the ordinary tiles, only that since it is manually performed, each brush stroke is unique. Since there are temperature variations in the baking cycles, the colors of the tiles embrace slightly different shades, being one of the reasons which gives them the unique nature and the handmade footprint. Thus, the same decor painted two times by the same painter can have small differences in the final picture.

“This decorative solution offers unlimited possibilities to us, since the only barrier is the one that our imagination establishes.

By placing these creations directly on the wall, like the classical tiles, or as a painting, we will lay our memories or our dreams right in our space: into the house, on the terrace, into the pool or at the place of our own business. Full pages of hopes, emotions or feelings are browsed with each step we make from the entrance up to bedroom. From love for beauty, tradition, style and quality, the Cameleonia magic is translated into unique decorations and lifestyle products which gives you the opportunity to explore unique experiences. Although the technique lasted for hundreds of years, you are free to opt for specific motifs and symbols of the contemporary society,” informs the release.




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