The MISA leader was extradited from France. Gregorian Bivolaru: My extradition harms more of my followers, who are public officials

The leader of the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA), Gregorian Bivolaru, was brought from France in Romania on Friday, being jailed at the Bucharest Police’s Preventive Arrestment Center.

“Following the international police cooperation with the French judicial authorities, on July 22, the police officers from the International Police Cooperation – I.G.P.R., performed a mission of taking over under escort, a man of 64 years, on whose name is issued a warrant for penalty for the offense of sexual intercourse with a minor. He was introduced into a Retention and Preventive Arrestment Center of the Romanian Police. The action was supported by the other agencies of law enforcement with competencies in the field”, according to a press release of the Romanian Police.

The French Supreme Court irrevocably decided on July 13 to extradite Gregorian Bivolaru in Romania, in order for him to serve his sentence of six years in prison for sexual intercourse with a minor, pronounced by the High Court of Cassation and Justice in June 2013.

Grigorian Bivolaru left Romania in 2004; in 2005 he received political asylum in Sweden. On February 26 this year, he was caught by the French authorities while he visited a fair in Paris. During the examination of the extradition request, the Swedish authorities informed the French magistrates that they keep Bivolaru on as an asylum seeker.

MISA leader was one of the most wanted criminals on the list of the European Police Agency (Europol), along with individuals like Salah Abdeslam, wanted for involvement in the terrorist attacks committed in Paris in November 2015.


Bivolaru’s extradition – the end of a search that lasted 12 years


Bringing Gregorian Bivolaru in Romania to serve his sentence of six years received for committing sexual intercourse with a minor, comes after almost 12 years in which the leader of MISA was searched by the Romanian authorities, since he fled the country in 2004 and in 2005 he received political asylum in Sweden.

Several structures from the Ministry of Interior (MAI) triggered on Friday, once they brought Gregorian Bivolaru in Romania, an operation of establishing the “Turnus”, in order to see what the MISA leader did from the moment he fled the country until he was captured, according to the statement which sources closed to the operation made for Mediafax.

The investigation aims to establish if somebody helped him to flee the country, and if so, who those persons are. Thus, investigations will be performed concerning Romanian state institutions, as well as individuals.

The suspicions of the authorities are strengthened by the statement that Gregorian Bivolaru made when he was captured in France. The MISA leader would have told the police officers, among other things, during the hearings in Paris, that there are persons who might be harmed after his extradition. “Sending me in Romania, you don’t harm only me, but more of my followers, which are public and senior officials”, as Bivolaru would have been stated right after his capture.

Besides, the MISA leader would have claimed the fact that he’s innocent ant that he wouldn’t benefit from a fair trial in Romania.


MISA reaction after Bivolaru was brought home and imprisoned: French magistrates have succumbed to political pressure from Bucharest


The Movement for Siritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA) claims that the decision of bringing and imprisoning Gregorian Bivolaru in Romania represents an answer of the “political pressures from Bucharest”, reports the MISA Press Office as a reaction to bringing the leader of the movement into the country.

“MISA Press Office appreciates that the decision was caused by the fact that the magistrates forming the Court succumbed to the political pressures from Bucharest, despite the vertical and neutral position of the Sweden. The Court ignored the status of a political asylum seeker that Gregorian Bivolaru has and totally ignored that the Romanian authorities obviously violated Mr. Bivolaru’s fundamental rights. This decision contradicts the Swedish Government’s decision not to extradite the yoga teacher in Romania in 2005, with the rights under the Geneva Convention, violating also the recent European decisions which undoubtedly prove the extremely abusive and corrupt practices of the Romanian Courts”, according to the press release.

MISA representatives claim that Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent, stating that he suffered image prejudices due to the conviction.

“The conviction and, implicitly, the current request of the Romanian authorities to bring Gregorian Bivolaru in Romania, was totally grounded on a single statement hardly taken under blackmail, beatings and threats and which lately (namely the day after) was written by the minor M.D. She was actually one of the victims of the abusive raids in March 18, 2004, who recently CEDO appreciated as being abusive; some of the victims of that moment who submitted their complaints to CEDO, were granted with compensations following to be paid by the Romanian state, in value of EUR 291,000”, MISA claims.



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