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April 11, 2021

Traian Basescu reveals the way in which Dacian Ciolos can remain PM in autumn

Dacian Ciolos can remain at the Victoria Palace also in autumn, but only if Liberals will win the elections, said the PMP President Traian Basescu. The former head of state spoke, in the TV show called “In front of you” (“In fata ta”) at Digi24, also about the possibility for Liviu Dragnea to be appointed as a PM.

In the circumstances in which we will have a new Parliament and a new Government at the end of this year, the former President Traian Basescu have analyzed the possibility for Dacian Ciolos to receive a new term as a PM.

“It could be the possibility for PNL, theoretically speaking, to win the elections, to be the largest party, t have the largest number of parliamentarians, and in this case Mr. Iohannis will assign the PM from PNL”, Traian Basescu explained.

Any other situation will not allow Dacian Ciolos to remain the head of the Government, believes the former President.

“But do you believe in the possibility of a PSD-PNL coalition Government which will support Mr. Ciolos?”, Traian Basescu was asked.

“No, I don’t; even now PSD is sorry that they had this agreement with the technocrat Government, it’s obvious they will not digest it after elections, too”, answered the former head of state.

PMP leader spoke – ironically – about the possibility for Liviu Dragnea to be the next Romanian PM.

“We would create some unique things in Europe, a sentenced PM – even if it’s a suspended sentence! I don’t believe any responsible President would assign a sentenced person of stealing votes as the PM. Stealing votes! That’s what we’re talking about, stealing democracy!”, Traian Basescu stated.


Why does Basescu believes that he has the best PM profile


Former President Traian Basescu believes that he would be the best for the position of the Romania’s PM. Moreover, according to the ex-President, he would be the best PM “since the Revolution until today”.

Traian Basescu appreciates himself to be the best for the position of the PM because he has “a good knowledge of the state institutions”, “experience” and “a good knowledge of the foreign policy”.

“I would probably be the best Romanian PM since the Revolution until today, thanks to the good knowledge of the state institutions. We need an experienced Prime-Minister, with a good knowledge of the state, of the foreign policy, of the international institutions. My profile is the best one for the PM position”, said the former Romanian President.

Traian Basescu also stated that his possible candidacy to the parliamentary elections depends on his party’s interest.

“Usually, I did in politics what I had to do, not what I wanted to do, if you want me to be very honest, I am not tempted by the parliamentary activity, but if we will conclude that my candidacy will help the party, I would probably candidate. I don’t exclude this possibility”, the ex-President stated.

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