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October 23, 2020

Environment Ministry releases Green Home, Green Home Plus programmes to public debate

The Environment Ministry launched on Tuesday for public debate a Green Home and a Green Home Plus programmes designed for those in need of funding to equip homes with non-polluting energy production systems and to weatherise them with ecological materials.

The programmes will be up for public debate for ten days and officially launched in August.

Thus, for 2016, the Green Home programme’s budget reaches 138 million lei, out of which 60 million lei for individuals.

“An individual can receive up to 6,000 lei in funding to purchase solar panels securing hot water for the household, namely 100 percent of the costs. For the purchase of a heating pump, the funding reaches 8,000 lei, namely 70-80 percent of the total costs,” Environmental Minister Cristiana Pasca Palmer said at the conference launching the programme, an event organised at an energy efficient house, namely the Solaris House of Voluntari.

For public buildings, funding can be obtained for up to 90 percent of the project costs, capped at 500,000 lei for religious establishments and two million lei for public institutions. For mayoralties, the subsidy is capped at four million lei for cities of over 100,000 inhabitants, decreasing gradually to 500,000 lei for places with less than 3,000 inhabitants.

“This year, we are launching as a first the Green Home Plus programme. The total budget for this year is 45 million lei, out of which 12 million lei for individuals and 33 million lei for legal entities,” the minister said.

The projects funded under the Green Home Plus programme will include, besides heating systems, energy optimisation by employing low carbon print materials, namely weatherisation of the walls using ecological materials such as wool, hemp or basaltic stone, green roof systems, systems making resource consumption more efficient and green lighting systems.

An individual can receive up to 40,000 lei under this programme, an amount that can fully cover weatherisation with ecological materials of a house with a ground print of 90 square metres (material plus labour costs). Legal entities can receive up to 500,000 lei for buildings of public interest.

The Solaris House, where the press conference took place, can produce four times more energy than it consumes, with the aid of photovoltaic panels mounted on the roof, and the heating and air conditioning of the house is done through the walls, ceiling and floor, using water pumped from a nearby well. The owners of the house pay no housing costs and receive money for supplying electricity to the national grid.

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