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June 28, 2022

Former DIICOT head Alina Bica: I never imagined Ms. Kovesi would sit at the same table with me, knowing I’m an offender

Alina Bica (photo L), former chief prosecutor of the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Corruption (DIICOT), currently on trial for corruption, stated on Sunday evening on Romania TV that she did not imagine that National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) Chief Prosecutor Laura Kovesi could sit at the same table with her, knowing that she is an offender.

“I did not anticipate the dimension of Ms. Kovesi’s reprehensible feelings in what concerns me; had I done so I would have had an entirely different attitude and behaviour,” Alina Bica stated, News.ro informs.

The former director of DIICOT, currently on trial for corruption in relation to her activity within the National Property Restitution Agency (ANRP), added that she sat at the same table with Laura Kovesi on several occasions after the date on which the offences for which she has been indicted were allegedly committed.

“I collaborated with Ms. Kovesi. When they appointed me in office I imagined that the relevant institutions had vetted my professional probity. There was even one point in which I told myself that I had behaved irreproachably up until then. DIICOT had cooperative discussions with DNA on certain topics, I was communicating with Ms. Kovesi, she was calling me occasionally, I was calling her occasionally, we met at various events, we sat at the same table. I did not imagine for a moment that Ms. Kovesi – given how pure her soul is, she is Romania’s anti-corruption – would sit at the same table with an offender… knowing that I was an offender. My alleged offence dates back to 2011,” Alina Bica said.

She added that intelligence services had informed Laura Kovesi about her alleged offences.

“How could she be uninformed, did she suddenly find out in 2014, when the regime changed in Romania, that I’m an offender? How efficient is her institution if I was an offender and I touched her with my unclean soul, with her sitting at the table with me?” Bica asked.

The former director of DIICOT added that in another country an offender like her would not have been allowed to persist in criminal activity.

“I don’t understand why they didn’t tell me: Ms. Bica, vacate the office because you are unworthy. So you allow me have such a continuous and perpetual criminal behaviour so that at one point I would become the prominent image of Romanian corruption? I don’t believe in a different state you would allow the offender to persist in his criminal activity,” Bica stated.

In December 2014, ex-DIICOT Director Alina Bica was indicted in a case concerning ANRP’s fraudulent payment of reparations to businessman Gheorghe Stelian.

At the time the alleged crimes were committed, Bica was a member of ANRP’s Central Commission for Reparations Appraisal, alongside former ANRP President Crinuta Dumitrean, former ANRP Vice Presidents Sergiu Diacomatu and Remus Baciu, MP Catalin Teodorescu, former ANAF (Romanian Tax Authority) Vice President Dragos George Bogdan, Oana Vasilescu and Lacramioara Alexandru. MP Marko Attila, another member of the commission, is investigated separately because he left the country.

The aforementioned are charged with malfeasance in office because they approved the payment of EUR 89 M to Gheorghe Stefan, as reparations for a plot of land located in Bucharest, plot of land that had been allegedly overvalued by EUR 62 M.

Gheorghe Stelian and appraisal expert Emil Nutu have also been indicted.

Businessman Dorin Cocos was also arrested in this case, being suspected of asking Gheorghe Stelian for EUR 10 M in order to intercede with the ANRP Commission.


Traian Basescu publicly asks to be heard as witness in Alina Bica’s case


Ex-president Traian Basescu stated on Sunday evening in a talk-show on Romania TV, a talk-show in which Alina Bica took part too, that he is publicly asking to be heard as a witness in her case and that he is refused this right. He added that he can no longer remain unbiased in what concerns several persons and that he will not “bear” for “this state to become a mafia state in which two persons – Kovesi and Coldea – would say who should be arrested for not dancing to their tune.”

Traian Basescu intervened by phone in a talk-show in which ex-DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Corruption) Director Alina Bica, currently on trial for corruption crimes related to her activity within the National Property Restitution Agency (ANRP), was taking part. The ex-president stated that he is denied the right to be heard as a witness in Bica’s trial and that the time will come when he will start to talk publicly.

“I could be summoned as a witness in Alina Bica’s trial in order to state more than I could tell you. I am denied the right to be heard as a witness in Alina Bica’s trial, which is very wrong. There will come a time when I will start to talk publicly. State institutions cannot transform the state into a mafia state that orders arrests based on whims. Alina Bica was the target of denigrations, there were repeated discussions. I warned: “Stop it!” But they carried it through because she did not become their lackey. I want to be witness in Ms. Bica’s trial. The courts have refused and it’s not fair. I am publicly asking to be heard in court in relation to Bica, Udrea and the former president of the National Integrity Agency,” Traian Basescu stated on Romania TV.

“I am waiting to be summoned in court, in a court meeting behind closed doors. The state should not be torn to pieces, and what has happened in the Bica case since 2015 is abject,” Basescu stated, pointing out that he was the first who, at Elena Udrea’s notification, warned that something was out of place at ANRP.

The ex-president added that falsity cannot go on forever and he will defend “fair people in difficult situations.”

“Today I know that prosecutor Sutiman says “let’s indict Basescu for frightening Ms. Firea.” Everything has a limit, falsity cannot go on forever. I will defend fair people in difficult situations and I will defend the rule of law in Romania. I wanted to build a rule of law, not one in which two individuals – Kovesi and Codrea – would say who should be arrested for not dancing to their tune. I can no longer remain unbiased concerning several persons. (…) I will not bear for institutions in which I invested enormously to become a mafia state. When they thought they were free, some individuals who hold incredibly important information resorted to mafia-style actions. I’ll stop them, irrespective of costs. A limit in the functioning of the rule of law has been crossed,” Traian Basescu added.

Alina Bica thanked Traian Basescu for his call.

“I appreciate what Mr. Basescu has done this evening, I thank him, it’s a gesture of great honour,” Bica said.


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