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February 9, 2023

4,000 people in 8 rural communities , beneficiaries of the project “Help a village. Change a country “, 2016-2017

The project “Help a village. Change a country “developed by „Mereu Aproape” Foundation and the Vodafone Romania Foundation has started to support in the second round of funding, eight rural communities in Arges, Brasov, Braila, Buzau, Cluj, Olt, Prahova and Tulcea. The project will run from August 2016 to May 2017, and its budget is 557.126 lei. The amount will be invested to ensure the access to education and social services for the children and young people, over 4,000 beneficiaries in total.

“We continue for another year, to support the community development in the rural areas by building, renovating, equipping schools, kindergartens and the day-care centers with equipment and teaching materials, by creating the programs such as” school after school “and by developing the educational programs that will prepare the children and young ones for life, “says Alessandra Stoicescu, the President of the Mereu Aproape (Always Close) Foundation.

“The involvement of the Vodafone Romania Foundation’s goes beyond the financing of these projects. For that, the volunteering remains an essential part of the investment program in rural areas. The Vodafone Romania volunteers will be involved in a series of activities joining the volunteers from the concerned communities, to give the beneficiaries better conditions for learning, “adds Angela Galeta (photo), the Director of Vodafone Romania Foundation.

The building where the Library and the Kindergarten from Vladesti, Arges county, operates, will be renovated and equipped, the project including also the set up of a sanitary group. It will also be established the first NOVOTEC in the village that the 3,100 inhabitants  will benefit and which, will ensure the access to education, information and enable the deployment of cultural activities.

At the Secondary School “Samuel Bethlen” in Racos town, Brasov county, where 500 children are learning, the bathrooms will be renovated, 10 toilets in total. It will also be installed the heating system with wood needed, to heat the school.

The kindergarten with normal program from Jirlau, Braila county, will be equipped with new furniture, of which will benefit the 87 children who learn here. 10% of them are coming from social families or have  parents working abroad, and 70% of teachers commutes daily.

At the Braesti General School and the Middle School in Bratilesti, Buzau, go 260 children that are studying in the nine classes. In the building from Bratilesti works also the kindergarten and the library. The two schools will benefit from the construction and the arrangement of the toilets, washstands and septic tanks, none of them having currently toilets or water supply.

In Floresti town, in Cluj county, the most young people are facing an uncertain future, being raised in orphanages. The Daniel Center of the Blythswood Foundation is assisting the 18 young people with ages between 18 and 23 years to prepare for an independent life through a training program dedicated to them. Through the project, the center will be fully equipped with furniture for bedrooms, study rooms and kitchen, IT equipment, office equipment and household appliances.

The kindergarten in Piatra Olt – Sat, Olt county, with a total of 3 classes and 73 children will benefit from cleaning the entire space, installing the parquet floor, the provision of furniture, works that are followed by the deployment of the educational activities with preschoolers. The project will be achieved with the local initiative Group Piatra Olt-Sat.

The Middle School “Ion Ionescu” from the Valea Calugareasca, Prahova County, which has in its structure two more schools: the Secondary School Nicovani and the Secondary School Rachieri, is one of the most popular schools in the country for Olympians in math and for the pass rate of 100% at the national Assessment. Through the “Help a village. Change a country ” project the school will be equipped with eight computers and eight video projectors and video projection screens.

At the kindergarten in Slava Cercheza town, Tulcea county, where 40 children are attending, the 360 square meters roof is badly damaged and requires capital reparation. The restoring of the roof will enable the unification of the kindergarten from Slava Cercheza with the one from Slava Rusa – thus bringing another three groups of children, another 40 children – in the headquarters of Slava Cercheza.

The “Help a village. Change a country ” project is a part of the Strategic Investment Program in the Rural Enviroment of the Vodafone Romania Foundation which supports the development of the projects in the educational domains and the social services needed by the disadvantaged categories from the villages and the small towns in Romania. The purpose of the “Help a village. Change country 2016-2017 ” project is to support the development of communities by implementing educational programs.



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