Marian Munteanu returns to politics, at helm of Our Alliance *New party will promote “competent patriotism”

After being in the limelight during the period that preceded the local elections in June, period in which he was, for a short time, PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, the former leader of students in the 1990s has decided to nevertheless remain in politics and to form a political party.

The party is called Our Alliance and its first target has already been set: entering Parliament this autumn.

“The Alliance proposes a doctrine of competent patriotism. In Romania, left-wing and right-wing doctrinaire constructs are not seriously configured. First of all, we need loyalty to the Romanian state and people and not the illusion of declarative positioning on the right-hand or the left-hand side of the political spectrum. We see Our Alliance as a cooperative party institutionally-wise, because society needs a serious transformation but without pointless shake-ups of the institutions that make up the architecture of our state,” Marian Munteanu stated for ‘Bursa’ when asked if his party is a right-wing or left-wing party.

The party’s leadership has not been fully established yet, however Marian Munteanu said that prosecutor Ciprian Nastasiu, who handled cases such as those concerning Omar Hayssam and Rompetrol, is part of the team.

“First of all, I have been by Ciprian Nastasiu’s side since our college days. Few people know that in the early 1989-1991 he was one of the leaders of students. After graduating, he had a career as a magistrate, which did not allow him to be publicly active anymore. In recent years, as a lawyer, he has come back and I’m glad he is by our side. He is founding member of Our Alliance. Ciprian Nastasiu will help us all in our effort to build a national project that would be to the benefit of citizens. People like him are needed and I hope there would be as many of them as possible,” Marian Munteanu said on Antena 3.

Likewise, university professor Mircea Cosea will handle the party’s economic platform.

“I can reveal to you that our economic platform will be authored by a group of experts coordinated by professor Mircea Cosea. There are several persons who have joined the Alliance, but we want to complete this process in order to present all of them as a team,” Munteanu added.

PNL replaced Munteanu in the race for the Bucharest City Hall after he was accused of collaborating with the former Securitate, but also of being a sympathiser of the Iron Guard and an anti-Semite. He rejected all accusations.

In April, after his Bucharest City Hall candidacy was cancelled, Marian Munteanu stated he will launch a political party that will be open to PNL members and the members of other parties too.

“We need a new government, a future government that would put things on the right track. That would make sure Romanians would not be ashamed of being Romanians. That would respect our values, our identity. Yes, I’m talking about a new political project I am working on. Right after the elections campaign I will get involved in such a project that would lead to the attainment of the objectives I have mentioned. We need valuable people. This initiative will appear right after the elections campaign, and, together with them, these objectives can be attained, even in November,” Munteanu had said on B1TV.

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