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April 11, 2021

ALDE asks MPs to resign for snap elections. Proposal not taken seriously by any party

On Tuesday, Liberal Democratic Alliance (ALDE) Co-President Daniel Constantin (photo) asked all MPs to resign and trigger snap elections in order to have a voter turnout higher than the one expected in December, however none of the parliamentary parties took the proposal seriously.

“The only solution we identified is for all political parties to reach an agreement to hold snap elections. All MPs resigning and the holding of elections in October or November is the only solution. I believe it would be useful and ALDE MPs are ready to do this,” Daniel Constantin stated.

He pointed out that the Government had sent ALDE “a document” proposing December 4 or December 11 as the date of the parliamentary elections.

“Both options are poor. On the 4th, bearing in mind that the National Day is on December 1 and a big Orthodox holiday is on the 6th, there is the risk of a low voter turnout. On December 11 there is the risk of there being bad weather, snowfalls, and likewise we wouldn’t have a massive voter turnout,” Daniel Constantin argued.


PMP’s Tomac: Snap elections proposed by ALDE, electoral nonsense


PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac stated on Tuesday for Mediafax that PMP MPs will not resign, adding that the snap elections proposed by ALDE are “electoral nonsense.” “We are not interested in the political agenda of Mr. Tariceanu, who is thinking and acting just like the entire USL (PSD and PNL). He should be the first to resign,” PMP Executive President Eugen Tomac told Mediafax when asked whether PMP MPs would agree to resign in order to trigger snap elections, as ALDE Co-President Daniel Constantin proposed.

Eugen Tomac stated that the snap elections proposed by ALDE are “electoral nonsense,” adding that PMP MPs will not resign.

In what concerns the risk of low voter turnout in the parliamentary elections, Tomac said that he is worried by the break between the citizen and the political class.

“PSD and PNL hid so well after the Colectiv tragedy that not even sunlight reached them, and resorted to a non-committal governing strategy that has led to nothing good,” Eugen Tomac emphasised, stating that the lack of confidence in the political class has grown.

He also added that the political parties’ obligation is to cleanse themselves of compromised individuals.


PSD’s Chelaru: We will not persuade MPs to resign because a party wants to


Referring to ALDE’s snap elections proposal, Senate Deputy Speaker Ioan Chelaru (PSD) stated on Tuesday that it is not possible to persuade all MPs to resign because a party wants to.

“Bearing in mind that we have three months left to go before the elections, I don’t believe such a move is necessarily useful. I have serious doubts because not even the parties are prepared and we will not persuade the MPs, three-four months until the end of their tenures, because a party wants to,” Chelaru stated for Mediafax.

Referring to the dates that government members have proposed for the general elections (December 4 or December 11), Ioan Chelaru stated he sees no problem with that as long as they are within the deadline stipulated by the Constitution.

“After all, the Government sets the date of the elections. (…) There were elections in December before too, I don’t believe the date of the elections is that important,” Chelaru said.


Vasile Blaga: ALDE demanding snap elections for petty political goal. They know they won’t enter Parliament


PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga stated on Tuesday that ALDE is demanding snap election for a “petty political” goal, knowing they will not enter Parliament. The PNL Co-President added that the party led by Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Daniel Constantin is “trying any gimmick in order to stay in the game.”

“We demanded snap elections when they were called for, when, after the presidential elections, it was clear Victor Ponta no longer had any support. ALDE is demanding snap elections for a petty political goal. They know they will not enter Parliament and they are trying any gimmick in order to stay in the game,” PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga stated for Mediafax.

Vasile Blaga stated that the local elections result and the parliamentary elections result will not be the same, pointing out that ALDE knows this.

“There is a big difference between local elections – where tens of thousands of people are running – and general elections. ALDE knows this. Mr. Melescanu’s party also won 17 percent in the local elections back in the day and did not enter Parliament,” Blaga pointed out.

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