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May 19, 2022

Autumn harvest of… censure motions

ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu (photo) has stated that this autumn he will consider reopening the debate over the tabling of a censure motion.

“We cannot sit indifferently to the situation we are seeing, which is a situation of continued decay of economic life, social life, rule of law,” Tariceanu said at a press conference on Tuesday, Agerpres informs.

“It’s time for the current Government – and we will demand this – to present a review of economic policies and of the results, efficiency it registered in the first half of the year,” Tariceanu said.

At the same press conference, Daniel Constantin asked Premier Dacian Ciolos to present before Parliament an assessment of the governing platform. “Today we are publicly calling on Premier Ciolos, and we will be making an overture in Parliament too in the first week after recess, to come before Parliament and to present – especially since six months of this year have passed – an assessment of the governing platform, of the measures he proposed last December, whether they were implemented or not, what happened with the budget in the first 6 months, why the budget revenues collected during this period are lower, what is the effect of the measures they implemented. (…) Over the past 6-7 months we noticed that this Government came up and proposed very many strategies – the National Anticorruption Strategy, the National Economic Development Strategy – I haven’t seen any kind of measure, it’s just for appearance’s sake, there is not even one measure proposed by this strategy. (…) We have a Government that proposes very many strategies but when we look at the measures what do we notice? Zero kilometres of expressway contracted and inaugurated in 2016. Zero measures on stimulating the creation of jobs for the young. Zero measures on reforming the pension system,” Daniel Constantin said.

Following consultations at the headquarters of PSD, ALDE and UNPR decided back in June that they would not file a censure motion since that would have eventually led to early elections being held just one month before the date of the regular elections. The argument in favour of that decision was that, once the censure motion was adopted, President Klaus Iohannis would not have nominated the Premier PSD and ALDE would have wanted, that his own nominations would have been rejected by Parliament and this would have led to early elections.

Back then, the political leaders were of the opinion that early elections would have been held in October, just a month before the date of regular parliamentary elections.

“We don’t want to force the takeover of power toward the end of the tenure of this Parliament, whose credibility is eroded. If we do end up forming the majority, it should be based on the citizens’ votes,” Tariceanu said back then. However, he warned that the Government would be “monitored” more closely and its prerogative to issue ordinances during the summer recess would be curtailed.

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