Prosecutor General’s Office makes surprise announcement in Basescu-Firea blackmail case: Former President won’t be indicted in uttering-of-threats case, investigations to be resumed

The Prosecutor General’s Office announced on Thursday that the case in which ex-president Traian Basescu is investigated for uttering threats against Gabriela Firea will not be sent to court and the investigations will resume after Augustin Lazar dismissed the decision taken by the prosecutor handling the case, arguing that the investigation is incomplete.

“The hierarchical legality audit carried out established the lack of an effective investigation in line with the exigencies that concern the content of the prosecutor’s report and the standards of quality in presenting the prosecution’s case in court. As a result of the dismissal of the initial solution proposed by prosecutors, the investigations will be resumed by the Criminal Prosecution and Forensics Section of the High Court of Justice’s Prosecutor’s Office, in order to clarify the penal accusations and to round off the body of evidence, so as to clarify all aspects of the case. Subsequently, a new assessment of the whole body of evidence will be carried out, in relation to the doctrine and jurisprudence in this domain, in order to adopt a legal and thorough solution in this case,” the High Court of Justice’s Prosecutor’s Office informs in a communique.

The prosecutor handling the case had decided to indict ex-president Traian Basescu for two counts of uttering threats. The solution had been confirmed by Camelia Sutiman, head of the Criminal Prosecution and Forensic Section, but was then dismissed by Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar. Camelia Sutiman’s tenure as head of section expired on Friday, her confirmation of the prosecutor’s report coming before that.

Criminal prosecution in the Basescu-Firea case had been suspended for a period of three months, to give ex-president Traian Basescu and PSD Senator Gabriela Firea the chance to come to a mutually-agreed settlement. The criminal prosecution restarted in February, after the Prosecutor General’s Office was officially notified that the mediation had failed.


Gabriela Firea: The Prosecutor General Office’s decision saddens me


Bucharest Mayor Gabriela Firea claims that the Prosecutor General’s Office decision to dismiss the indictment of ex-president Traian Basescu saddens her.

“We don’t know the solution. The solution was communicated neither to my lawyer nor to me. So the solution had been adopted, but we didn’t know.”

“In what sense was the absence of an effective investigation established? After I filed the complaint I went to the Prosecutor’s Office many times, Mr. Bolcas went there too, I was actually questioned by Mr. Basescu’s lawyers for around 3 hours, although I did not have to do that but I did it in order to avoid being accused of somehow obstructing justice.”

“This time I am bitter at a personal level. The fact that nothing has been clarified, in one form or another, after 2 years, they had more than 2 years at their disposal to adopt a solution, this saddens me. Do you think after two years anyone is still interested? Now we’re going to wait another two years, and do you think after four years anyone will be still interested? I am saddened and bitter following this solution. I am telling you honestly that I was expecting a different solution, closer to the facts.”

“I can’t tell you right now what I will do. I’ve learned to resort to self-censorship in certain moments. I will consult my lawyer, my family, and I’ll see,” Gabriela Firea stated on Adevarul Live.


Lawyer Lucian Bolcas: Basescu’s perpetual immunity benefits someone, that’s why he’s protected


Lucian Bolcas, Gabriela Firea’s lawyer, claims that the ex-president’s perpetual immunity benefits someone and that is precisely why he is protected.

“I cannot comment until I read the 10-page document from the Prosecutor General’s Office. I do not challenge the Prosecutor General’s right to adopt such a solution, however, based on what I have seen so far, it’s very thinly substantiated. We will study [it] very carefully and we will see.”

“The problem is that Traian Basescu’s perpetual immunity is facilitated by someone. This protection he enjoys is useful to someone and I’m absolutely convinced that Traian Basescu has much bigger case files that are kept in a drawer. In this case, Ms. Gabriela Firea wanted to defend Parliament’s image, after a Romanian Senator was directly threatened by the country’s President. In 2007, Traian Basescu said that 322 MPs should be thrown overboard; now, Ms. Firea decided to defend the image of Parliament and of a Romanian Senator,” Lucian Bolcas stated for stiripesurse.ro.

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