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April 16, 2021

Vodafone Romania President & CEO Ravinder Takkar, Vodafone City “guide” for the press

For three months now, a new City has come to life at the heart of Bucharest. We are talking about Vodafone City, Vodafone Romania’s new head office, workplace for 2,300 employees from all of the company’s departments, employees that previously worked in three different office buildings.

Vodafone Romania’s new head office covers 17,800 square metres within Globalworth Tower, namely a part of the ground floor, the mezzanine and floors 1 to 8.

The building housing Vodafone Romania’s head office is a “green building,” being designed and built in line with the LEED Platinum standard. It has a parking lot that allows the charging of electrical cars, underground and above-ground parking spaces for bicycles and motorcycles, uses recycled rainwater, and ensures energy efficiency through an automated utilities and lighting management system.

On the other hand, the entire surface area that Vodafone occupies within the modern office building that has two points of access – on the Barbu Vacarescu and the Calea Floreasca boulevards – is fully technologized and digitalised in what concerns both controlled access to the premises and also everything related to the head office’s employees working and communicating inside the building. Or to communicate with employees and colleagues from other offices in the country or the world, or with clients and suppliers. In other words, nothing in the area occupied by Vodafone Romania is left outside the newest technologies, ranging from access to the building, the elevators and the floors all the way to the meeting rooms endowed with the most revolutionary videoconference equipment. In fact, the Vodafone head office has no fewer than 94 meeting rooms equipped with WiFi and the most modern videoconference systems.

ZEN_6891Work on preparing the head office lasted four months and the move per se lasted one month. The furniture weighs 37 tons. 233 kilometres of wiring were used, and the final result is a very comfortable and friendly open-space workspace where employees come with pleasure and can interact very easily with one another, and where the amenities they have at their disposal for both work and relaxation stimulate their productivity, creativity and efficiency.

All these details were kindly offered to us by Vodafone Romania President & CEO Ravinder Takkar and his team at an informal meeting with several journalists that were invited on Thursday to tour the new head office but also to meet part of the company’s public relations team.

“The ‘Vodafone City’ design concept is inspired from the look and diversity of a city, which can be crowded but also very well organised and managed and can feature relaxation areas too,” Mr. Takkar said.

He proudly pointed out that the Vodafone City design is 100 percent his Romanian team’s concept. “There are certain things that are part of the global concept, but it was designed by our team locally here.”

Ravinder Takkar showed us that this concept took into account the four main pillars that the company puts at the centre of its ZEN_7071activity: employees; use of technology; the Vodafone way (of working); the customer.

“We want every employee in the company to know what our customers are feeling, that’s why we are very much focused on bringing our employees close to the customers,” Ravinder Takkar underscored as one of the most important concepts that lay at the basis of the Vodafone way of working philosophy. And indeed, by touring the head office we were able to see how, through the latest digital technologies, all employees in all work areas (regardless of their departments) were kept up-to-date, in real time, with the call centre’s interaction with customers in terms of calls taken.

“We are a technology company, of course that we use our own technology, but also futurist technologies, because we want to give our employees confidence and all efficiency this technology brings”, he told us during the presentation but then also while touring the floors of the building. “In addition, we wanted to provide a very safe and secure environment for them,” Mr. Takkar concluded.

“We want to make sure that our employees have all the deserved facilities,” Vodafone Romania’s President and CEO pointed out. He added that all amenities transform the building into a very pleasant and safe place for the employees but also into a memorable experience for all those coming from the outside.

Moreover, he concluded, everything in the building suggests and observes the company’s slogan and values: Speed, Simplicity and Trust.

When ‘Nine O’Clock’ asked “Who is the Mayor of Vodafone City?,” Ravinder Takkar answered smilingly, pointing to two members of the PR team: “These ladies.” He went on to say that there is one person in charge of each floor, making sure that everything related to the activity taking place there is all right. “It can be said there is a kind of mayoral responsibility, in the sense of the public service, for safety to ensure that things are going well on each floor.”

And since human resources are the most prized assets of a company, Vodafone Romania prepared at its new head office a large training area (Vodafone Learning Centre) covering 1,000 square metres on the mezzanine, where we were about to find out that the employees are constantly trained in order to always be up to the highest standards and to be able to live up to the competitive environment of the Romanian telecommunications market.

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