Romania celebrates National Anthem Day

*President Iohannis: A  binder for all Romanians


On the National Anthem Day President Klaus Iohannis sent a message saying that the national anthem is one of the fundamental symbols of identity and a binder for all Romanians.

“The national anthem, which we celebrate each year on July 29, is one of the fundamental symbols of our identity. ‘Desteapta-te, romane!’ (Awaken Thee, Romanian!) has turned along history into a genuine symbol of the principles underpinning the creation of the modern Romanian state: freedom, respect for fundamental human rights, national unity and dignity. These ideals are more current now than ever before,” reads the presidential message.

Iohannis says the importance of rights and freedoms gained is better understood in the current international context, with all the present challenges.

“Our mission is to preserve and bequeath to the future generations these values and the tradition of a consolidated democracy. The national anthem is a binder for all Romanians both within and outside the national borders. I am urging you to stay united and display solidarity in the spirit of your love for the country and our aspirations for a strong nation that is well respected in Europe and the world. Happy anniversary to the Romanian nation! Happy anniversary, Romania!” reads the message.

Under a law of 1998, July 29 was proclaimed Day of National Anthem “Desteapta-te romane!” a symbol of the 1848 Romanian Revolution.


Foreign Ministry: Duty bound to keep respect for national symbols alive


In a message conveyed on National Anthem Day, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) states that the young generations should be aware of the identity and moral values symbolized in the anthem lyrics written by 1848 revolutionary Andrei Muresanu.

“It is the duty of us all to honor and foster in the conscience of the young generations the identity and moral values symbolized in the energy-mustering lyrics of Andrei Muresanu’s poem, keeping alive respect for the national symbols of Romania,” reads a MAE release to Agerpres.

The Foreign Ministry’s message underscores that the anthem “Awaken Thee, Romanian!” has emblematically accompanied the landmark moments in the modern and contemporary history of the Romanian people, beginning with the 1848 Revolution, through the War of Independence, World War I, the Great Union of 1918, World War II, the December 1989 events, or the political and diplomatic milestones of Romania’s Euro-Atlantic path.

“A national symbol enshrined in the Constitution alongside the tricolor flag, the coat of arms and state seal, the national anthem accompanies important moments or solemn occasions in Romania’s diplomatic and international representation activity. Its supreme symbolic value brings together the valences of the feelings of solidarity, patriotism, and dignity of Romanians everywhere,” the release says.

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