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June 21, 2021

Save Romania Union leader would like a government led by Ciolos after parliamentary elections *The new political party is in the midst of developing local party branches

Save Romania Union (USR) leader Nicusor Dan stated that his party, which plans to win 10 percent of the votes in the parliamentary elections, would back a government led by incumbent Premier Dacian Ciolos, who has the necessary “honesty and competence,” adding that a collaboration with PNL on the governing platform is possible.

“At this moment we do not have a candidate for the office of Premier. I believe Mr. Ciolos has the honesty and competence needed to lead a government that we would back in Parliament,” Nicusor Dan stated on Realitatea TV on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, Nicusor Dan also levied criticism against Ciolos.

“His [Dacian Ciolos’s] attitude is just as balanced. Likewise, we reproach him for not being stronger in the relation with Parliament and with the PSD majority in Parliament, for the two-round mayoral elections episode. I expect him to communicate more. It appears there are ministries where things have occurred and we, the outside observers, have no exact appraisal. I would like him to come up with a report, at some point, to tell us what they did and we could have a pleasant surprise. I believe he resorted to the government reshuffle belatedly for just a few ministers. I reproach him for the fact that Mr. Toba is still minister, despite having clearly plagiarised. On the other hand, I saw more balance, I saw a focus on problems and not on all kinds of senseless petty political issues and I liked a lot the attempt to reduce red tape in the administrative apparatus,” Mediafax quoted Nicusor Dan as saying.

Nicusor Dan also said that although he avoids using the word “alliance,” a collaboration with PNL on the governing platform is possible, adding that he is sceptical he “will be on the same page with PSD.”

“The governing platform is a document that has been neglected in the public space. We kept looking more at people than at what those people planned to do and at what they carried out. So, in my opinion, we need to very clearly negotiate a governing platform. I find it hard to believe that we will be on the same page with PSD, I hope for a significant change of view within PNL in relation to what happened at the local elections,” Nicusor Dan stated according to the aforementioned source.

He added that he is yet to take a decision concerning his candidacy for a seat in Parliament, but the party’s goal is to enter the future Parliament with 10 percent of the votes.

“10 percent is the target we have set for the parliamentary elections. There are very many factors out of our control, there is a notoriety factor, in fact it’s the main factor, there is a factor related to resources and whether we will manage to attract them or not. I believe that to the extent people end up knowing who we are and what we want many of them will come toward us. They have seen the other parties governing – alone or in groups of two or three – and the way they did it. And the way we behave in Bucharest until then, with the 54 seats we have (within the Bucharest General Council and the Local District Councils – editor’s note), matters a lot and is something we care very much about,” Nicusor Dan explained, Agerpres informs.

He also talked about USR’s development at national level.

“We are developing USR nationwide. (…) We have already started with the Diaspora; my colleagues went to Paris, Barcelona, London, and we will go throughout the country starting next week. (…) We have entered dialogue with all true new political forces that have appeared, because you know well that there were also former branches of old parties that became new parties. Not with those. We talked with independent candidates and over 4,000 people contacted us from all around the country right after we announced we want to expand at national level. (…) With these people we are setting up the cores of what will be the party branches. I hope that by the end of September we would have branches in all counties. We have consistent cores in around 20 counties,” Nicusor Dan said.

At the same time, he talked about USR’s platform, pointing out that it consists of “basic things that Romanian society has been demanding for a very long time” – rule of law, the reform of public administration and prioritising large infrastructure projects.

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