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June 29, 2022

Securitate tormentors indicted for crimes against humanity

Major (ret.) Marin Pirvulescu and Colonel (ret.) Vasile Hodis, former officers of the State Security Department, have been indicted by military prosecutors from the High Court’s Prosecutor’s Office, being charged with committing crimes against humanity against dissident Gheorghe Ursu (photo). Likewise, former Interior Minister George Homostean and Tudor Postelnicu have been accused of aiding and abetting these crimes.

According to the prosecutors, in January-November 1985, dissident engineer Gheorghe Emil Ursu was the target of surveillance and prosecution, for actions or offences deemed hostile to the communist regime. He was arrested on 21 September 1985 and died on 17 November 1985, at the Jilava Penitentiary Hospital.

“In order to hide the real object of prosecuting dissident Ursu Gheorghe Emil and in order to be able to “prove” that there was no politically-motivated case against him, Securitate bodies “invented” the offence of possessing and engaging in banned operations with foreign currency,” according to the High Court’s Prosecutor’s Office.

Thus, in order to avoid a political persecution case that would have come at a bad time for the Ceausescu regime on the international stage, the Securitate framed Gheorghe Ursu for the possession of 17 Dollars, arresting him on 21 September 1985.

State Security Department representatives were interested in aspects such as Gheorghe Ursu’s ties with Radio Free Europe, his ties and discussions with members of the Romanian literary and artistic circles in the country and abroad, as well as his views on the state’s policy and on the leaders of the communist party and the communist state, views he had written in his diary.

Marin Pirvulescu, the main prosecutor, and Vasile Hodis are accused of carrying out repressive and systematic actions against Gheorghe Ursu during the time in which he was under surveillance and prosecution. They are also accused of systematically torturing him. Gheorghe Ursu died in detention.

The case file has been sent to the High Court of Justice. So far three persons have been convicted for Gheorghe Ursu’s death: Marian Clita, Gheorghe Ursu’s former cellmate; Tudor Stanica, former head of the Criminal Investigations Directorate; Mihail Creanga, former head of the Bucharest Militia’s Detention Centre.

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