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August 5, 2021

Tariceanu, Iohannis and Basescu trade broadsides over the latter’s “Mafia State” allegations

*Tariceanu asked the President to check Basescu’s allegations that DNA and SRI are out of any civilian control* Iohannis’s answer: I am confident in what state institutions do


President of the Senate Calin Popescu Tariceanu made a public appeal on Friday to the President Klaus Iohannis to check the allegations of the President Traian Basescu, according to which Romania turned into a Mafia state, in which the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) are out of any civilian control. In an answer provided by Cotroceni Palace, President Iohannis stated that he is confident in what state institutions do and referrals to the Mafia state may affect Romania’s image.


Head of State reasserts rule of law, rebukes former president Basescu for “mafia state” allegations


President Klaus Iohannis assures the rule of law is functional in Romania and says labels like “Mafia state” could harm the country’s international image.

“In Romania, the rule of law is functional, and declarations of prosecuted or indicted people questioning or denying it lack credibility. I trust the work of the state’s institutions, and I am waiting alongside the whole public opinion for the positive effects of this work. Moreover, labels like ‘Mafia state’ could damage Romania’s image in the world; they could result in making some institutions less credible, and not the least, they prove the incapability of some individuals who hold or have held important public offices in the Romanian state to assume the role for which they have been appointed or elected,” Iohannis answered on Friday through a press release issued by the Presidential Administration, following Tariceanu’s request to check Basescu’s allegations according to which DNA and SRI are out of any civilian control.

“Basescu’s allegations according to which Romania turned into a Mafia state, were totally unequivocal, describing an unacceptable situation, in which DNA and SRI are out of any civilian control, they have possessed and they are exercising power in an illegitimate manner in place of the democratic institutions voted by people”, Tariceanu stated, according to a press release issued by the Senate.

“Given that the Parliament’s Committee for supervising SRI’s activity is totally inefficient and that we don’t have any other legal instrument, I make a public appeal to the President of Romania to use his entire authority and al the powers he has to check at the institutional level the reality of the serious allegations made by the former President of Romania”, explained the Head of the Senate.

Tariceanu asked the Head of State to assume the responsibility of resigning the DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi and the SRI deputy-director Florian Coldea, if the allegations made by the former President are real.

President of the Senate also said that he preferred to wait for several days after Basescu stated Romania turned into a Mafia state, hoping that Iohannis “will adopt a firm stand”.

“Unfortunately, President Iohannis remained totally passive, as it happens in other cases when he should have been act.

In the last period of time, the public positions of Traian Basescu and Calin Popescu Tariceanu, former opponents, became more and more convergent. Former President Traian Basescu stated on Thursday evening that he doesn’t believe that ALDE leader Calin Popescu Tariceanu received a bribery of EUR 1 million from Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, saying that it probably was “a sponsorship for the party”, and this is “something else”. He also asked the removal of the First Deputies of the two Intelligence Services as soon as possible, on the ground that they gain a “tremendous power” in time and they can blackmail.

“At this moment, we have generals in this First Deputy position since about 11 years. A tremendous power raises by the power of information that gathers. And this kind of people have to go at some point. We need something else, something fresh, because they can blackmail. (…) We can suspect them they know too many things also about judges and prosecutors”, stated the former President Traian Basescu for B1 TV.


Tariceanu’s reply to the Head of State’s answer: “He is the prisoner of Coldea and Kovesi”


Following the answer provided by the Presidential Administration, Calin Popescu Tariceanu declared himself disappointed by President Iohannis’s answer to his appeal and that he is “the product of the system” and “it seems” that he is the prisoner of the DNA chef Codruta Kovesi and of the SRI Deputy Manager Florian Coldea.

Tariceanu showed himself disappointed by the answer he received from the President as a result of his appeal to check the allegations made by the former President Traian Basescu, according to which Romania turned into a Mafia state in which DNA and SRI are out of any civilian control.

“All of us know very well that the President was convicted, he is not accused, in a case in which by using false documents he obtained undue benefits; I would have been more reserved to remove so easily the presumption of innocence which has to operate in the rule of law”, Tariceanu stated, according to Mediafax.

President of the Senate also stated that Iohannis “doesn’t even see, and what he does see he pretends not to see”, because the President is “the product of the system”.

Asked if DNA chief Laura Codruta Kovesi and SRI deputy director Florian Coldea lead Romania in his opinion, Tariceanu said that they have “an extremely influent role”.

Asked also if Predsient is the prisoner of the two persons, President of the Senate replied: “As the picture outlines more and more, it seems to be like this”.

He stated that Intelligence Services are going to control all the state institutions, saying that as for the Parliament’s control on the Services, it is “worse than scrubbing the wooden leg”.

“The serious matter is that these persons are not democratically elected person. They don’t have the legal right, I would say, to do what they do, to decide in a discretionary manner on the freedom of some people, on removing others from the public life, to interfere in appointments, resignations, dismissals”, the President of the Senate concluded.


Basescu doesn’t ally Tariceanu: “Coward and with no fantasy”


Former President Traian Basescu wasn’t impressed by the fact that the President of the Senate involed his words to ask for DNA chief and SRI Deputy Manager Florian Coldea’s resignation. Former President stated that Tariceanu’s gesture was a coward one.

“He is the kind of the coward man, with no fantasy. Tariceanu hadn’t the courage to state his own argument and he felt the need to refer to me. He should ask this with his own argumentation, not by quoting me as quoting classics, like a coward. He incorrectly benefited from some of my assertions warning that the state is perfomring some actions that make Romania not look like a rule of law anymore, but like a Mafia state”, Basescu stated for RTV.

Basescu remembered the electoral campaign in 2004, when he and Tariceanu walked together in the country as candidates of the DA Alliance. According to the former President, the current Head of Senate was copying his speeches without asking him before.



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