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March 29, 2023

Calin Popescu Tariceanu’s sixth marriage

The ritual sacrifice we have seen these days, namely the detention of the Romania’s Deputy Governor, Bogdan Olteanu, as a result of the accusation of influence peddling, represents a symbol and an important moment for one more political step.

Briefly, Bogdan Olteanu case is an overture of the show of the new political season which will reach the culmination together with the parliamentary elections.

The arrest of Bogdan Olteanu, who, beyond his current status, remains one of the products of the liberalism led by Calin Popescu Tariceanu, coming on the Sorin Ovidiu Vintu (SOV) channel, underlines even more what it was expected to be every time when SOV was reactivated through an arrest and subsequently through a release.

In the whole cycle of Romanian politicians’ (and not only) arrests and accusations one of the persons remaining “immune” and showing a strong attitude of “against” DNA in particular, and “against” Justice in general,  without making it a secret, but on the contrary, is Calin Popescu Tariceanu. He is the one that has held and still holds some of the most important official positions, and whose new party is presented as a pillar without which the political balance, success or failure of one group or another would not have been established.

But with the indictment and arrest of Bogdan Olteanu, who is, as we said before, the “Liberalism” which Tariceanu claims and shows, the current PSD’s partner with equal rights and status, the same Tariceanu, seems to lose or to be losing protection (we don’t know which kind of protection).

All this time, in his statements more and more often and fierce, Traian Basescu doesn’t miss the opportunity to mark as directly as possible against Tariceanu. Namely against the one that at a specific moment was his Prime-Minister and partner, and which fully represents everything that Liberal politics meant in all these 27 years – chameleon politics, with the landmark being the interest of having power and control through one of its well-known levers – “the business environment”, as Mr. Tariceanu likes to say. And a changing talent from one spectrum to another, surpassing even Gabriel Oprea.

In this case, Traian Basescu’s statements could be stunning if, for a moment, we would forget who the person making them is. And Traian Basescu is very ludic when he makes statements regarding Calin Popescu Tariceanu, making a “love and hate” game. He remonstrates him, then he picks him to pieces, or he takes care to explain his incapacity to lend to small things like one million Euros. Finally, in a total transparence, he puts him in a more than serious situation, presenting him as a potential partner in a very near future. Which, actually, happened before between them. What is Mr. Dragnea saying about this?

This way, the former President doesn’t miss the opportunity, as usual, to hit through the ricochet what is left of the idea of Liberalism in Romania. Thus, Traian Basescu prepares himself to take over the entire Right.

Meanwhile, the PSD area is extremely quiet. It’s a suspect quiet. A quiet announcing an alarming situation. “Red Flag” Sorin Ovidiu Vantu stood up. Danger. It’s a quiet like this political party wouldn’t even exist, a quiet causing suspicions.

But on the other hand, Victor Ponta also became hyperactive, critical and willing to sensational disclosures like Traian Basescu.

And Victor Ponta is so present, he seems so independent in opinions and attitude, so sure of himself and so strong, that everybody almost forgot that Victor Ponta is a PSD member! He is the main image with which this party still identifies itself in a surprisingly… positive manner.

Victor Ponta speaks much (everyone will appreciate if he does it bad, also). Moreover, Victor Ponta expresses more and more extremist tendencies, seeming to pose as something that I hope it will not become reality. Meanwhile, the party is extremely quiet, and its leader is even quieter.

In almost all of Victor Ponta’s statements, there is something repeating. This thing is that PSD needs ALDE and without Tariceanu and his party, PSD will not gain the desired power. Is this so?

Is it possible that this is the tacit agreement and one of the tasks that Ponta has as an understanding with Liviu Dragnea? Or, simply, the only active and positive part of the social-democrats clearly makes a separate body, only in terms of attitude, image and statement, for the moment?

What is the interest that Victor Ponta has towards Tariceanu, the one who he presents as a key-pawn not only for PSD, but for the Romanian politics in general?

Could it be this interest only another way to politically erase Tariceanu also, as it happened to Gabriel Oprea? (Not to understand that Ponta is able to perform this erasure, he only executes.) Because, watching the two politicians and the alliances and agreements they made with PSD, something begins not only to sound, but also to look like a deja-vu.

Before his instantaneous fall to the basement of the politics, Gabriel Oprea was as discussed, debated, valued and apparently protected and untouchable as Calin Popescu Tariceanu is now.

Then, a long chain of unfortunate events, allegedly without being directly related to the person of Gabriel Oprea (in the same way in which Bogdan Olteanu is not connected to Tariceanu) made him to be politically extinct, from the status of a political factotum.

And something makes me wonder, without any connection to what I was saying above (allegedly):

How Dragnea really wants to (still) make an alliance with Tariceanu?

In the same direction, following the logical reasoning of the facts presented until now…

USR merged with USB. Like the left hand has to merge with the right hand, although they are part of the same body.

Marian Munteanu circulates the idea of making his own party. We don’t know what color, direction and dedication it will have.

Apparently, these two budding parties have the mission to relaunch Right having Traian Basescu as the master of ceremony. His party will remain, as usually, only one of his jokes that please Traian Basescu so much.

Meanwhile in the Left, the star of the moment is the Liberal claiming to be thoroughbred Calin Popescu Tariceanu, whose spokesman is the social-democrat Victor Ponta. Everything is happening while PSD and its leader are subject to silence and occultation.

Everybody knows that in such moments, the most favorable, unexpected and unpredictable changes are made. Like these moments are the most favorable for detaching of the unwanted persons and political marriages.

And, even more important, to produce all these things, you don’t need too complicated or elaborated scenarios, in such dry and hot times; one spark is enough, like the one of arresting somebody or making a willfully irresponsible statement, to make everything escalate into a major fire.

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