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May 17, 2022

Traian Basescu allies with transport sector employers. PMP offers two eligible positions to COTAR Confederation

The Popular Movement Party (PMP) and the Romanian Confederation of Certified Operators and Transporters (COTAR) have signed two collaboration protocols. One concerns the legislative support that PMP will offer for the solving of transport sector problems, while the other concerns the political support offered by the Confederation.

“Today we signed a collaboration protocol that concerns professional and political activities between the Popular Movement Party and the Romanian Confederation of Certified Operators and Transporters. We are talking about transport sector employers. Basically, we have two protocols, one concerning collaboration on the transporters’ issues, ranging from infrastructure and car insurances to legislation and so on, and another one concerning this employers’ organisation’s involvement in PMP’s political activity. This means they will have representatives in all of our party structures, at national and local levels, ranging from county-level to the smallest party branch,” PMP President Traian Basescu announced on Wednesday at a joint press conference with COTAR President Vasile Stefanescu.

Basescu added that the COTAR Preident will hold a seat within PMP’s National Executive Council, COTAR representatives being set to be appointed within the party’s county-level branches next week. “Likewise, we commit to ensuring two eligible positions for COTAR members on our lists for this autumn’s legislative elections,” Basescu said.

The PMP President explained that immediate priorities have been set alongside COTAR representatives, the issue of car insurances being one of them.

“The problem of car insurances is one of the big problems that all transporters and transport service providers are facing, whether we are talking about freight transport, passenger transport or taxis. You will see on the list of COTAR members that even car workshops are affiliated to this professional employers’ organisation, whose interests we will try to uphold as well as possible both publicly and within Parliament. Now, after the merger, we have a fairly important number of lawmakers that can push things forward, especially since the Taxi Industry bill has been sitting in Parliament undisturbed for around six years,” Basescu added, being quoted by Agerpres.

In his turn, Vasile Stefanescu pointed out that since the last COTAR protest rally, organised last December, “no politician of any party has taken the responsibility to take the transporters’ side in what concerns the car insurance tax.”

The COTAR President added that the car insurance tax issue is a national issue that does not concern COTAR alone, but that concerns all other employers’ associations in the transport sector as well as individual car owners.

“If President Traian Basescu wanted to be the spearhead against these things and to help us out, we are by his side all the way, just as he will be by our side when it comes to transport laws, infrastructure, everything that concerns us and our demands as an employers’ organisation, in line with the protocol we signed,” Stefanescu pointed out.

COTAR brings together 9 national employers’ federations, 15 employers’ associations and several other transport sector or transport sector-related societies.


“The December 4 or December 11 dates proposed for parliamentary elections, not very feasible”


The Popular Movement Party President added on Wednesday that the dates that the Government has proposed for the holding of elections – December 4 or December 11 – are not very feasible and it has to be analysed whether the elections can be held in November instead.

“The Government has proposed December 4 or December 11. (…) I believe neither of these dates is very feasible, but we have to look in the Constitution and see whether the elections could be held in November, because December 4th is impossible, it falls in-between holidays. And December 11th is 8 days after the current Parliament’s tenure ends. The country cannot be left without Parliament, it’s as if you were to say it doesn’t have a President,” Basescu said at a press conference.

He added that the decision should be adapted to Constitutional terms because the Central Electoral Bureau could announce the election results on December 19.

“If appointed, the Premier has ten days at its disposal to announce his cabinet and governing platform, so by the time the Central Electoral Bureau publishes the final results it’s already the 19th, so I believe the decision should be adapted to Constitutional terms, although even this proposal – December 4 or December 11 – took into account the Constitutional terms too, in its own way,” Basescu concluded.

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