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June 30, 2022

Bogdan Olteanu defends himself in Vintu bribery case – his wealth is in fact his grandmother’s

Former Lower Chamber Speaker and National Bank of Romania (BNR) Deputy Governor Bogdan Olteanu, accused of receiving a bribe of 1 million Euros from businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, continues to reject the accusations and claims his wealth is in fact his grandmother’s.

Olteanu’s wealth statement shows that the BNR Deputy Governor never spent the salary he collected from the National Bank and lived off the money that his grandmother Ghizela Vass, a survivor of Nazi death camps, had received, ‘Romania Libera’ informs.

Journalists have concluded that after he allegedly received 1 million Euros from Sorin Ovidiu Vintu, Bogdan Olteanu’s bank accounts experienced monthly hikes of over 10,000 Euros. Basically, Olteanu saved all the money he earned from BNR (around 10,000 Euros each month) over a period of three years.

In this case however, the question is what income did the former Deputy Governor of BNR use in order to cover his daily expenditures? According to his 2009 wealth statement, Bogdan Olteanu lived off a 200,000 Lei loan offered by his mother Ecaterina Olteanu. ‘Romania Libera’ journalists asked Bogdan Olteanu what was the source of his mother’s incomes. His answer, offered by his lawyer Florin Durgheu, is surprising to say the least.

“Ecaterina and Danut Olteanu (Bogdan Olteanu’s parents – editor’s note) never held public offices, and so they are not obligated to file wealth or income statements. Nevertheless, in order not to encourage discussions that would create difficulties for my client, Ms. [Ecaterina] Olteanu agreed to offer you the following information. The loan was offered from a bank account, through bank transfer. Likewise, the loan was reimbursed through bank transfers. The source of the money consisted of incomes that Mr. Olteanu’s parents registered from salaries, dividends, from selling Danut Olteanu’s business, inheritances. The main financial component of the wealth inherited from Ms. Olteanu’s mother (Ghizela Vass – editor’s note) consisted of the reparations she had received from the German state, through the specialised foundations of the Jewish community, as a survivor of death camps during the Second World War,” reads the answer issued on Bogdan Olteanu’s behalf.

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