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September 27, 2020

DNA notified CSM after Lia Olguta Vasilescu posted documents from her corruption file on Facebook


National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) notified the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) after the Mayor of Craiova, Lia Olguta Vasilescu, posted on Facebook documents from the file in which she was sent to judgement for bribery, money laundering and using her authority or her influence to acquire money, goods or other undue advantages.

“A notification from DNA arrived yesterday (e.n – Monday), addressed to the CSM President, related to posting several documents from Olguta Vasilescu’s page on the personal Facebook page. The notification is being processed and the legal actions will be decided in the shortest time”, stated CSM’s spokesman Cristina Lita for News.ro.

According to judicial sources, DNA also submitted a notification on July 25, following Olguta Vasilescu’s statements made after she was sent to judgement, namely that prosecutors had an inappropriate and illegal behavior.

To the initial notification dated July 25, sent to CSM, DNA also added on Monday the materials published by the Mayor of Craiova on her personal Facebook page, which may represent pressures on the denouncing witness.

On July 30, Lia Olguta Vasilescu posted on Facebook more than 20 pages from the transcript of a recording made by the denouncer Petru Becheru, included in the file.

“Below you can find one of the transcripts from the video recording made by the denouncer Petre Becheru, who wants to prove that I engaged the Mayoralty officers in the ‘criminal activity’, the one of whitewashing the facades The text is larger, since the discussion lasted two hours. I posted only the final part, demonstrating that I.L. Caragiale didn’t live in the best era for comedy. Here, the officers are trying to show him the goodwill to make something nice happening in our city. Becheru said he wants a contract. The answer was ‘Yes’. He said that he wants the work to be guaranteed. He was told that he will have the guarantee; he was told so several times, but he still intervened and asked for it many times. When he understood there is no problem, he asked the inner ladder to be also whitewashed, the door to be changed, video cameras to be installed, and commercial premises on the ground of the building to be also whitewashed. He made all these things being totally desperate to try to cause the officials not to do anything more and thus to obtain evidences for the denouncement. P.S. Please also note how a money laundering offense can be “proved”. At one point, being nervous after two hours of talks in which no result was achieved and accusations with DNA and money laundering appeared, the constructor said that he is laundering his own money. It was a nervous assertion, as a joke. Stop joking! Some people take them as serious assertions ant they sue you… It’s hallucinating!” was Olguta Vasilescu’s message on Facebook, along with the transcripts.

The talk to which the Mayor of Craiova refers took place on April 4, 2014, between the denouncer Petru Becheru and the Recon Manager, Marian Petcu.

On July 31, the mayor of Craiova published another series of transcripts in the file. More precisely, a minute dated March 7, 2016, revealing the recording of the content of the ambient conversation dated April 2, 2014, between the denouncer Petru Ioan Becheru, Nicolae Teodor and Gabriel Pislea (inspector at Owners Associations Control Service).

Lia Olguta Vasilescu was sent to judgement on July 19 at large, for bribery deeds and two deeds of money laundry and using her authority or influence to acquire money, goods or undue advantages.



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