GovITHub platform was launched*PM Ciolos: We wish to bring IT innovation aptitude to Romania administration

The government wishes to bring to the administration of Romania the IT innovation capability and by launching the GovITHub platform it also wants to put together some insiders who’d have the courage to give a hand in the administration, on Thursday said Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos.

“We’ve realized that we need innovative capability in administration, an innovation aptitude to be brought from the sector which, in my opinion, has developed the fastest in the Romanian economy, namely the IT services production. It’s quite impressive (…) We talk for so long about the Romanian agriculture’s potential and of how much it could do for the Gross Domestic Product and I had a pleasant surprise (…) from this viewpoint, of the development of the IT services, to see that, unless I’m mistaken, it has not only evened the agriculture’s contribution to the GDP, but that it has also exceeded it, which demonstrates this field’s ability to innovate and evolve in Romania. And then we thought how we could do to bring this innovation aptitude to the Romanian administration as well, to burn some stages and be able to make some faster steps forward,” said Premier Ciolos at the inauguration of the GovITHub programme.

The government’s head added that this platform is based on successful experiences in IT.

“We’ve been thinking of this gear we launch today, starting from successful experiences, I’d say individual, with a few persons I have fetched to the system and who not only that they’ve never let themselves phagocytized by the system, but have also succeeded from their positions to move things forward. Therefore, we wish to enlarge this experience, to make it official in a certain way through this GovITHub which is daring to be a platform to put together peoples with courage to make a break, so to say, in their professional activity or in the private sector they run their business, and come to give a hand in administration, to find innovative solutions to solving certain problems and for a better functioning of the administration and to increase the quality of services the Romanian administration is providing to the citizens, for a broader transparence in the way the administration works, too, and for the simplification process we have started to be continued,” said Ciolos.


In the future we shall not have only three-four IT companies to win all of the bids in the public administration


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Thursday said at the Victoria governmental Palace that another concept of the administration is needed, with less bureaucracy and way more transparent so that in the future there will not be anymore only three-four IT companies winning all bids in the public administration.

“We too were struck by this mountain, by this bureaucracy when we first came. Obviously, some are criticizing us: ‘Why haven’t you changed it?’ We have commenced a certain process, but we’ve realized within months that in the other months we’ve had left, it is not enough to change some laws so we could change the system because you know that nature abhors vacuum. One could remove something. If not capable to put anything in place to make things run better, the weed will cover again the field once cleaned and never cultivated with anything else (…) And yet, what you could do, the ones in this room, if you give us a hand, we could manage to weed the land and put anything else in place, a different legislation, a different concept of administration (…) less bureaucratic, much more transparent, far more open, so that in the future we shall not have only three-four IT companies to win all of the bids in the public administration, and which moreover to come and build software that are not compatible with each other. So, we create such slices and isles in the administration that do not communicate with each other,” the Prime Minister Ciolos told the participants in the GovITHub programme’s launching.

Ciolos added that the laws will be tailored to this new functioning system in the administration.

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