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May 25, 2022

PNL Bucharest’s parliamentary elections list: Which MPs can still get eligible positions

PNL Lower Chamber lawmakers Ludovic Orban, Razvan Mironescu and Diana Tusa have low chances of securing eligible positions on PNL Bucharest’s parliamentary elections list, while Dan Cristian Popescu will no longer seek a seat in Parliament, PNL sources told Mediafax.

According to the same sources, the list will take into account the results obtained by those who ran in the local elections and failed to win but want a seat in the future Lower Chamber, the observance of the party’s integrity criteria and also the results that they will obtain in the pre-campaign period.

PNL will have a clear situation in what concerns its list for the Lower Chamber in the Bucharest electoral district and will subject it to validation within the party’s bodies by the start of September.

Until the final lists are registered with the Electoral Authority in early November, the Liberals who want to run in the Bucharest electoral district for a Lower Chamber seat will go through a pre-campaign period “in which they will have to take on certain objectives and activities and prove that they can win votes,” the aforementioned sources told Mediafax.

Ludovic Orban’s chances of being on the list in Bucharest are low, considering that the Liberal took a step back and withdrew from the race for the Bucharest City Hall, being probed under conditional bail at that time.

Although Supreme Court magistrates have overturned the conditional bail measure adopted in the case in which Ludovic Orban is accused of allegedly asking a businessman for campaign contributions, their ruling being final, PNL has showed no signs of bringing Orban back into the fold of party members who will run in the parliamentary elections.

Razvan Mironescu’s result in the race for the Bucharest District 6 Mayoralty is allegedly not significantly enhancing his chances to secure an eligible spot on the party list that PNL will file in Bucharest in view of the parliamentary elections.

Diana Tusa’s chances to win a new seat in Parliament in the Bucharest electoral district have also dropped after she criticised the party’s leadership and asked PNL leaders to take responsibility for the disastrous results that the Liberals registered in the local elections in Bucharest.

Deputy leader of the PNL group within the Lower Chamber and member of the Commission for Industry and Services Raluca Claudia Ispir’s chances of securing a new place on the Bucharest list also seem uncertain, according the aforementioned sources.

Some of the PNL Lower Chamber lawmakers who won their seats by running in the Bucharest electoral district in the 2012 elections could run in other electoral districts in this year’s elections, PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu and Lower Chamber MP Florin Romeo Nicoara being among them.

PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu recently stated that she will run “where it was tough for PNL,” dismissing the rumour about a candidacy backed by PNL Vrancea.

PNL Lower Chamber lawmaker Florin Romeo Ncoara will no longer run for a new stint in Parliament in the Bucharest electoral district, PNL sources pointing out that he could run in Satu Mare, since the Liberal recently became acting president of PNL’s Satu Mare branch.

Lower Chamber lawmaker Dan Cristian Popescu, former candidate for the Bucharest District 2 Mayoralty, will no longer be on PNL Bucharest’s parliamentary elections list either. He has decided to become District 2 Deputy Mayor instead.

The Lower Chamber lawmakers with chances of securing eligible positions on the parliamentary elections list that the Liberals will file in Bucharest are: Vlad Nistor, Florin Alexe, Eugen Nicolaescu.

The presence on PNL’s lists of the Health Minister, European Funds Minister, Labour Minister and of the Head of the Premier’s Chancellery was initially mulled but the Liberals are reassessing these options, the more so considering the idea that only if Premier Dacian Ciolos is part of a political project would some of his team run on PNL’s lists.

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