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April 11, 2021

SPP Director Lucian Pahontu, accused by subordinate of killing man at a hunt SPP’s reaction: Criminal probe ongoing, Pahontu is a witness

Lucian Pahontu (photo), Director of the Protection and Guard Service (SPP), is accused by a subordinate of shooting a man in the head at a hunt in 2012. The accusation was broadcast by Antena 3. Although more than 4 years have passed since, the investigation is still ongoing, and SPP informs in a communique that the SPP Director is a witness in the case.

An SPP officer made the revelation in an interview for Antena 3. In it, he said that he took part in a hunt in January 2012. One man was shot in the head at the hunt. The investigation has so far avoided SPP Director Lucian Pahontu despite the fact that he is the main suspect, the SPP officer, who did not want to reveal his identity, stated for Antena 3.

The SPP officer suggested that, although he was asked to corroborate a version of events that protects Lucian Pohantu, he has decided to tell the truth and has sent reports to the highest level in the state, asking for the evidence in this case to be correctly analysed.

The incident took place in January 2012, in the Turbatu forest in Dragnesti, Prahova County. Businessmen, hunters and two SPP officers – Lucian Pahontu and one of his subordinates – were taking part in the hunt, Antena 3 informs.

The investigation has avoided Pahontu, especially since some of the participants were the SPP Director’s friends. But dozens of people know the truth. Moreover, ballistic tests have very clearly showed the source of the fatal shot, the distance and the calibre of the weapon used.

Antena 3’s witness was among those verified but analyses showed he did not have gunpowder on his clothes.

He did not come forward until now out of fear, but now he is fearing for his life.

In a press release, SPP admits that a case is pending and that Lucian Pahontu is a witness in it.

“Concerning the television interview you refer to; we point out that there is an ongoing investigation at the Prosecutor’s Office. Numerous judicial reports and other investigations have been carried out in this case. The prosecutors are the ones who will establish the guilt. General Lucian Pahontu was heard by prosecutors in order for the truth to be established in the case you have presented, and he has the capacity of a witness in this case file,” the SPP communique reads.

According to the High Court’s Prosecutor’s Office, the man interviewed by Antena 3, who launched the accusations, is allegedly the man who actually fired the gun. According to prosecutors, the man is investigated for manslaughter, failure to respect gun laws and unlawful use of a lethal weapon, while Pahontu is only a witness.

“In the context in which contradictory information concerning the incident in which an SPP officer was involved is surfacing in the mass-media, but also as a result of numerous queries from journalists, the Public Relations Office of the High Court of Justice’s Prosecutor’s Office is mandated to bring the following to the knowledge of the public opinion:

A case concerning an incident that took place at a hunt, incident that resulted in one person being shot and killed, is pending at the Bucharest Military Court’s Military Prosecutor’s Office.

The military prosecutors decided, on July 15, to file criminal charges against defendant Soare Petre (SPP colonel), for manslaughter, failure to respect gun laws and unlawful use of a lethal weapon.

In their report, the military prosecutors have established the following facts:

On 4 January 2012, around 4.40 p.m., while he was taking part in a hunt in Draganesti commune, Prahova County, defendant Soare Petre shot the victim, unlawfully using the victim’s own gun.

A complex body of evidence have been administered in the case; technical-scientific, physical-chemical, forensic and ballistic analyses as well as an interdisciplinary forensic-ballistic analysis have been carried out so far,” a communique remitted to stiripesurse.ro reads.

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