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January 23, 2022

The most recent film directed by Dumitru Budrala, Kings’ Road – Transalpina, will be officially released in September

Kings’ Road – Transalpina, the most recent film signed by the film director Dumitru Budrala, could be previewed on Saturday, July 30, within the Folk Festival “Sus pe muntele din Jina” (“Up, on the Jina mountain”). 10,000 viewers enjoyed the outdoor event-screening on a huge screen, close to the King’s Road, the most beautiful possible way in which the film could have been screened for the first time.

Right there, in the middle of the magic, in the place where dozens of years ago the child Dumitru Budrala was discovering the unique mythology in the world of a road which is more beautiful than any other road and above it. Fascination and passion for the legends of the place were chasing him until today, so the film director Dumitru Budrala filmed, documented himself, talked to the locals for several years and thus it was born one of his most expected films: Kings’ Road – Transalpina.

“We are very glad that we had the honor to present in the absolute premiere the film ‘Kings’ Road – Transalpina’ here, right near the Kings’ Road. The overwhelming interest of the people for this film was an extremely pleasant surprise, since 10,000 spectators were present, much more than we’ve expected. The so numerous public watching the film minute by minute in the silent of the night, expresses the interest and the need of the people to discover the physical space in which they live, as well as the true or fantastic stories related to these original landscapes. I’ve tried to gather and to recall in this film the stories raised and happened over the centuries in these internationally appreciated places for their beauty and uniqueness”, stated Dumitru Budrala after the film’s screening.

“The film is Dumitru Budrala’s confess. It is fabulous and necessary like the hearth is for the bread and like our ancestries for their locals”, stated Emil Hurezeanu, the Romanian Ambassador in Berlin.

The film is an intimate and fascinating journey into the unknown history of the most picturesque road in Europe, Transalpina.

The panoramic frames filmed in the air and the voice of the director giving life to the stories, myths and legends of the place too little known beyond the borders of this splendid land, invite the viewer into a journey in time on the Transalpina road. Having a beauty that leaves you breathless, winding through the Transylvanian Alps, hence one of the names – Transalpina, the road has always been a meeting point between people from one side and another of the mountains, between skies and earth, between real and fantastic.

The old Dacian and Roman road, a road of transhumance, of myths and legends, is now the road connecting counties of Alba and Sibiu to counties of Gorj and Valcea. The starting point of the film is the lifelong fascination of the director for stories hidden by rivers, tarns, mountain peaks, valleys ad caves completing the lush landscape and the mythology of the place. Then, using archive images and interviews with locals, the viewer finds out where from the name of King’s Road comes, how the road was paved and inaugurated in the presence of King Carol II in the 30’s, being deemed an extraordinary technical success at that time, with an economic, strategic and military role.

The film will be officially released in September and it has a length of 40 minutes.

In the absolute premiere, a preview of the film can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/5VN9j0BC0rM

Dumitru Budrala is known for the films “The Curse of the Hedgehog”, “On the Road”, and “Sibiu County – The South Gate of Transylvania”, a presentation film for the county of Sibiu that became viral on the internet (it can be viewed here). “The Curse of the Hedgehog” had an impressing festival circuit, being selected in famous festivals from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. In 1993 he founded Astra Film Festival in Sibiu; in 2016, the festival will be held from October 17 to 23.






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