The suffering of young Ponta

“Ponta’s excesses are the excesses of naiveté. He imagines he knows everything, but he knows nothing…” – Traian Basescu


I have to admit, I am yet to get used to the style that is so… let’s say “naïve,” to quote Traian Basescu and to maintain a line of indulgence and literary elegance for the sake of the readers and the sake of Romanians who, in my opinion, deserve something better after 27 years of desperate expectations from the Romanian political class.

These days, Victor Ponta, seized with a completely unpredictable and mindboggling twitch of personality, as is his nature and I believe roughly all Romanians have got used to seeing already when it comes to the “eternal rebellious teenager” of local politics, found himself writing on his personal Facebook page, furiously soliloquizing – with revolutionary panache and I believe a bit too much high temperature at the upper part of his body (could the heat wave be to blame?!), the place where the head and the grey matter should be – about illegitimate, unelected and undemocratic political systems that govern Romania, about revolutions, feats of arms and rebellion of ’89, inducing instigating and subliminal ideas.

“Good news and bad news. The good news is that it happens in countries other than Romania too (unlike we used to think). The bad news is that this system of unelected, undemocratic, unpopular and illegitimate powers in our country is at its peak and seems to no longer stumble over anything!!! Maybe the people’s vote in December? Will we have the courage of December ’89 once again? We’ll soon find out.”

With all the heat outside and all the stress entailed by the simple fact of living in Romania and having to deal with a political class made up of hundreds and thousands of Victor Pontas, who made this country look and be perceived like a democratic parody enacted by a bunch of ham actors with strong narcissistic and histrionic tendencies, when you read, after more than two decades, such absurdities coming from none other than one of the men who have held the highest state offices during this whole period and who, as early as one year ago, was the country’s Prime Minister and the president of the largest and longest-lasting political party of the last decades, a party made up of people who in ’89 enacted “the great Romanian revolution,” you can only leave the computer and go and pour a large bucket of cold water on top of your head in the hope that maybe what you are seeing, hearing and what is happening represents only an extraordinarily bad and at the same time dangerous joke or you are simply having problems perceiving and correctly understanding the truth because of the tiredness induced by the heat wave.

Victor Ponta puts his foot in his mouth.

Had Victor Ponta been a random guy who discovered Facebook and was very bored with the linearity and monotony of the anonymous life he lives in who knows what corner of Romania, who felt the need to become an interesting “someone” with opinions and impulses of a revolutionary knocked out by conspiracy theories and deeply affected by the scorching heat and by idiotic concern for the well-being and prosperity of his social media channel friends, then maybe the trouble and bewilderment caused would not have amounted to much.

After all, people, Romanians, have gained the liberty to say on Facebook anything that goes through their minds and imagination.

However, Victor Ponta IS, remains, and will always be that guy who was pushed at the forefront, at the very top of Romanian politics in the last 20-something years by those who are the movers and shakers of everything in this country.

Victor Ponta is the man who was, for several years, in control of the destiny of the whole country, both on the national plane and particularly on the international plane.

Victor Ponta continues to be the man party bosses hold hands with, chieftains of Romanian power presenting him as “a young politician with a bright, golden future.”

And Victor Viorel Ponta behaves – not for the first time! – as if he were a child with an emotional and intellectual handicap, a grave and regrettable human error which unfortunately befell this country and its people.

Victor Ponta is calling for… revolution!!!

Victor Ponta is showing extremist tendencies in the remarks – which have the pretentions of being jokes and refined sarcasm – he shares on Facebook and wherever else he can and gets the chance, behaving like an individual with personality disorders, as if there are several Victor Pontas who always argue and vie over publicly exposing themselves in ways that are as shocking and as incredible as possible.

And the more serious and frightening fact is that Victor Ponta, the man who not long ago ran for the office of Romanian President, I repeat, from the position of Prime Minister of a government which was formed as the result of popular will, is followed avidly, voluptuously and with huge naiveté by hundreds and thousands of Romanians who, if presidential elections were to take place tomorrow, would not hesitate for a second to elect and give him standing ovations as the country’s president.

In an absolute, sad and completely useless grandiloquence, I would ask Victor Ponta and those who egg him on in a manner that is just as manipulative, malicious and morbid as Victor Ponta happens to have concluded that the press everywhere and especially that group of anti-democratic interests that lies behind the states’ power is, group about which “political man” Victor Ponta opined: Mr. Ponta, where have you been and what have you done over the last 27 years, and what have you done democratically, transparently and patriotically for Romania all this time?

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