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June 28, 2022

Government’s measure to cancel the tax incentives for the war veterans, severely criticized. Dragnea threatens Ciolos: “If this Government will not know how to censor its contempt, PSD will do it by the motion”

Social Democrat Party Chair Liviu Dragnea threatened the Government led by Dacian Ciolos that he will submit a censor motion if it will not “censor its contempt”, accusing it, in a press release, that it adopted a Government’s Decision by which war veterans and military people who fought in the operation theaters remained without their rights provided by the Tax Code.

Moreover, Dragnea claims that the members of the Government didn’t want to “talk” to the representatives of the veterans who tried to have a discussion with them on this matter.

“Ciolos Government adopted a decision (No.159/2016) by which war veterans and military people who fought in the operation theaters remained without their rights provided by the Tax Code. Since June 1, these people who sacrificed themselves for Romania fighting in the World War II or in Afghanistan, Bosnia or Iraq, are notified by the tax administrations to pay taxes from which they were exempted by the law (the Tax Code). The same measure is applied also for the people having disabilities. Previously, Ciolos Government established taxes for veterans’ pensions, which made them to reimburse money from their pension. The trial of the veterans’ representatives to have a discussion with the PM or with other Government’s members in charge failed. Simply, nobody came to talk to them.

I am telling to Dacian Ciolos that, if he is the Prime-Minister of Romania today, first of all this is due to the ones who fought, risking their lives, for their country. I am not pathetic. The respect we owe to them is not measurable in money; however, the rights granted by the state are so few. That’s why I ask PM Ciolos to urgently cancel the effects of this new and stunning prove of contempt against Romanians. Romania is a country that honors its heroes, it still is such a country. If this Government will not know how to censor at least this contempt, PSD will censor it by the motion”, is stated in the PSD’s press release.


Gabriel Oprea asks the Government to maintain the veterans’ tax exemption


Gabriel Oprea, former Deputy PM in the Ponta Government, asked the Government, in a message posted on Facebook, to maintain the veterans’ tax exemption from paying taxes for lands and buildings.

This is a recent GD stipulating that lands and buildings, vehicles owned personally or in joint property by war veterans and by the military people in the operation theaters and by their widows are not exempted from taxes anymore.

“I don’t believe that the welfare of the country depends on the war veterans’ money. But I am convinced that there are so many other areas where from substantial funds could came to the budget”, said Gabriel Oprea, who announced that he will withdraw from politics in autumn.

Oprea’s reaction joins Victor Ponta’s one, who appreciated that the Ciolos Government is incompetent and has no contact with the reality, due to the measure on the taxation of the lands and buildings belonging to the war veterans and to their widows.


Ponta: The Government is incompetent, it doesn’t have any contact with the reality


“Obviously, this is incompetence and a total lack of contact with the reality in Romania – the main characteristic of the Technocrat Government!” the former PM wrote in a Facebook post.

“And only for recalling – by the (Ponta) Government’s Ordinance No.9 from 2015, we have increased by 75 percent the war veterans allowances – I didn’t believe at that time that another Government will come in 2016 to take the money that we gave to them!

Of course, this mistake can be and it has to be corrected by a GD.

– but the problem (and the question) is: when a similar and absurd situation appeared in 2015 (also by an error from a previous law), when ANAF sent taxation decisions for the revenues from the child allowances, we took the decision right away I the Government, and the ANAF President suspended the action until the law was corrected – for this reason, he was prosecuted in 2016 and recently sent to judgement for abuse of office!!! Considering this terrible precedent, who has the courage today to sign something to IMMEDIATELY protect the war veterans?!?”, Ponta wonders on Facebook.


Ciolos: The Government will correct the tax breaks regime for veterans by GEO


The Government will amend the Tax Code by GEO in respect of correcting the tax breaks regime for veterans, the purpose of this measure being “to correct” a “mistake made by the Ponta Government and voted in Parliament”, stated PM Dacian Ciolos on Tursday for Mediafax, saying that “he doesn’t need Mr. Dragnea to know what respect for veterans is”, after PSD leader threatened him with the censure motion if the tax for this category will not be eliminated.

“First of all, I want to make clear one thing. This Government didn’t come with amendments which cancel rights, tax breaks, or to impose other fees and taxes to veterans. I was surprised to find out that we are threatened with the censure motion for some provisions of the Tax Code, a code that was designed, prepared and voted exactly by the party that is now launching these threats. The GD we gave in this spring made some clarifications, but it couldn’t amend something provided by the Tax Code. With his experience in the administration, Mr. Dragnea should know these things”, PM Ciolos said, being asked if the Government will expand the tax breaks for the war veterans also to the goods jointly used with their families, as a moral reparation, too.

The Prime-Minister said that there are “many stupidities” which the current Government “had to correct”, and “this will be one of them”.

“In short, there are many stupidities that this Government had to correct. This one will be another one of them. I talked to the Finance Minister, Anca Dragu, and we will amend the Tax Code by GEO, to correct this mistake made by the Ponta Government and voted in Parliament. From my point of view, these tax breakes are a minimum gesture of moral reparation and financial compensation that the Romanian state can do for the veterans and for their families”, PM Ciolos said.

PM Dacian Ciolos also said that “he doesn’t need” the PSD President Liviu Dragnea to know what “respect for the veterans means”.

“I really don’t need Mr. Dragnea to know what respect for the veterans means. I’ve learned this since I was a kid, because I have one in my family, my grandfather from Pericei, a veteran who formed me as a person and to whom I largely owe what I am today. I grew up with these guidelines, with the respect for the people to whom we owe this country”, Ciolos said.

“Such populist approaches, with thick strokes, are beyond any comment. I would have invited PSD leaders to check who is responsible for the situation reported by the war veterans, before making statements that do not honor them. I would have invited them to ask their party colleagues who were members of the Ponta Government and who designed and voted the current Tax Code. This is at least an inelegance, to step on mines that are buried by PSD and to be asked by them why did we step on them and why did they explode, and this is not the first time when it happens”, PM stated, asked by Mediafax what does he think about the fact that the sensitive issue of the tax breaks for the war veterans is used to talk about a censure motion.

PM mentioned that both he and his team “assume” the errors, if they belong to them.

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