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February 9, 2023

Qualicaps is investing EUR 10.4 million to expand its factory from Bucharest. The investment will lead to a 45 percent increase in annual production

As a part of the Qualicaps global development initiative, starting on May 2016, the cutting edge production unit in Bucharest was successfully finalized, including the commissioning of the equipment, validating the quality and starting the production to a full scale for commercialization. This expansion, built with a EUR 10.4 million investment, will result in a 45 percent increase of the annual capacity of the factory, which will be dedicated to the Quali-G™ production (gelatin capsules for pharmaceutical use).

Sorin Mirea, Bucharest Qualicaps Operations Vice-President, stated regarding the recent expansion: “We are proud to say that we have here, in Romania, a cutting edge factory producing high quality gelatin capsules for top customers in Europe and other important markets. Both the modernization process and the expansion of the factory in Bucharest have considered all of the three KAITEKI management pillars: technology, economy, sustainability. We will continue to capitalize the innovative technology with which we initiated the activity, providing at the same time efficient production processes and equipment in terms of costs and which do not harm the environment.”

Bucharest factory expansion included installing electric production equipment which do not need hydraulic systems, thus eliminating the use of oils considered harmful to the environment and needing special handling. This is one of the many KAITEKI initiatives recently implemented not only in Romania, but in all of the company’s production sites worldwide. KAITEKI is a unique concept, specific to the Mitsubishi Chemical Holding Corporation companies, which is in the center of the group’s strategy, as well as of the management style and the responsibility measures in the company. The manner in which Qualicaps® integrates KAITEKI concept in its day-to-day activity is what differentiates the company at the health sector level, where customers need business partners with an ethical and sustainable conduct.

Other recent KAITEKI projects which were held at the factory in Romania, including using the outside or recycled air in production, salubrious halls and technical areas, the improved management of waste and processed raw materials, as well as several specific initiatives for reducing energy consumption.

Qualicaps® factory in Romania was initially built in 2008 and it includes features for production, quality control and assurance, engineering and logistics. Today, the company has around 130 employees and it supplies gelatin capsules for innovative and generic medicine producers and for CMO (Contract Manufacturing Organizations) in Europe.

The factory in Bucharest was inspected and authorized by the health Romanian national authorities (National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices), it has obtained te ISO 14001 certification, it has been officially recognized as accomplishing the provisions of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and it has acquired good results in over 50 audits performed by customers.



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