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February 4, 2023

The PepsiCo Foundation is offering a $ 50,000 grant to United Way Romania organization

PepsiCo announces the award of a grants series to several communities around the world, from the philanthropic division of the company, The PepsiCo Foundation, in the CSR program “50 for 50 Community Give Back”. In the Greater Balkans region, which contains 14 countries, the winner of the grant was designated the organization United Way Romania, which received $ 50,000.

With this money, the organization provides for 50 weeks healthy food, nutritional counseling and access to sport activities for 50 children that are coming from poor families, to support and promote a healthy lifestyle. According to the Alfred Rusescu study, 2002, quoted by World Health Organization , nearly 30% of the children in Romania are suffering from malnutrition. Moreover, 9 out of 10 children are not practising any sport outside the physical education class at school , because many parents can not afford to support the extracurricular material activities. And because of the lack of information about nutrition and sport, half of parents are not aware of the health issues that their children are facing.

Thus, with the help of the $ 50,000 grant, United Way Romania is implementing a program of education and information of the children and their parents about the importance of a balanced diet and sport for everyday life. Furthermore, the children will be encouraged to participate in sports that will improve their physical condition and health and that can increase their motivation to continue their education and to achieve its potential. The program is conducted in partnership with the Rut School of Bucharest and aims to bring significant changes in the lives of 50 children with the age between 6 and 16 who faces poverty, the risk of dropping out of school and other social and emotional difficulties.

In order to visibly improve their health, the organization provides meals for 50 weeks based on nutritious food, sports activities carried out under the guidance of coaches, and sports equipment (clothing and footwear). During the program, the 50 children will receive advice and recommendations from nutritionist doctors, who will constantly monitoring their health evolution through analyzes medical tests.

“The PepsiCo Foundation has a long tradition of supporting the CSR programs in each community where the company operates. This is one of our globally priorities, and is a part of the Performance with Purpose philosophy, whose core are the people. We are pleased that through the “50 for 50 Community Give Back” program, we can contribute to the community development in Romania, here where we live and operate”, said Gabriel Cosoreanu, SeniorManager Communications and PPGA Balkans.

“Given the current situation in Romania, we have proposed that through the ”50 healthy steps in 50 weeks” program, supported by PepsiCo Foundation to promote and sustain a healthy life diet among the children from families without financial possibilities. Thus, the children that are facing at home with shortages, now they have a chance to take the first steps towards a harmonious development. “50 healthy steps in 50 weeks” is part of the pillar program “Health for the future” through which the United Way Romania aims to develop the prevention programs and health education for children and their parents” , said Cristina Damian, Executive Director of United Way Romania Foundation.

United Way Romania was selected after a voting system implemented globally, where PepsiCo has offered the employees the chance to choose the destination of PepsiCo Foundation grants, to have a direct impact on the communities in which they live. The project selection was part of the CSR program “50 for 50 Community Give Back”, an initiative launched by PepsiCo in 2015, to mark the anniversary of 50 years of the company. As a result, the PepsiCo Romania company was awarded in March 2016 in United Way Gala, for the financial contribution offered to the organization.

United Way is focusing its activity on the three directions that are setting the bases of some prosperous communities: access to a quality education, health services and a sufficient income to support a family. United Way is the largest non-profit private organization in the world, present in over 40 countries and communities and involving over 2.6 million volunteers and 9.6 million donors which are helping at the change of their communities.

Nearly 55,000 employees of PepsiCo around the world have voted for deserving causes, in their view, to be supported by a grant. Among the recipients, are both the global organizations with existing strategic partnerships with PepsiCo and PepsiCo Foundation, and local community organizations. PepsiCo Foundation has provided 82 grants in value of $ 5,000,000 to philanthropic organizations in 46 countries.

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