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April 16, 2021

State Secretary Arafat: it is not normal to have not at least 4 new hospitals erected in 25 years

The secretary of state with the Home Affairs Ministry (MAI), Raed Arafat says that it is not normal to have not at least four new hospitals built in the past 25 years, considering that a fully equipped hospital is not that huge of an investment and it costs the equivalent of “a few kilometres of speedway.”

“Regardless of the excuses of the Public Finances Ministry, about the shortage of cash, the too high costs, let’s face it a new completely equipped hospital is as costly as a few kilometres of speedway so it is not a that huge investment to allow them say they have no capacity to invest in. (…) Romania has to set up a clear plan of rebuilding its long duration hospitals’ infrastructure. It won’t go otherwise,” on Sunday told Arafat the private Digi24 broadcaster.

And yet, he reminded that at the level of the Health Ministry there is a plan for the erection of three regional hospitals that are to be financed with European funds and that through the World Bank, works of inside revamping are to be commenced in other medical units, especially in their operating theatres.


“In case of a new Colectiv, we could barely take care of a few badly burnt”


Arafat says that in case of a new Colectiv club tragedy, the Romanian hospitals would be able to treat only a few of the badly injured, the rest being to be sent abroad to receive specialty treatment.

And yet Arafat specified that if it were about patients less burnt, Romania could treat many.

“A few very seriously injured, and the rest abroad. If not that burnt, we could treat here many. Less burnt means 10pct, 20pct, 30pct (of the body surface – editor’s note),” he answered being asked on Sunday at a private Digi24 broadcast how many victims could there be treated in Romania if a new Colectiv club fire occurred.

Remind you that in the 30 October 2015 Colectiv club fire of Bucharest 4th District have perished 64 persons, most of them on the spot, some afterwards, in hospitals, in the country and abroad.

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