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December 8, 2022

InvestRomania to launch “The Foreign Investor’s Guide 2016”

The guide devoted to foreign investors – “The Foreign Investor’s Guide 2016” – was presented in the Government meeting on Wednesday and is going to be publicly launched by InvestRomania, the team with the Economy Ministry that drew it up.

According to a Government press release, “the guide is designed to gather in one place all the necessary information in this respect, addressing both the existing investors and the possible ones, who can turn Romania’s competitive advantages into growth levers.”

“The Foreign Investor’s Guide, an important component of the Government’s strategy to promote Romania as a destination for foreign investments, but also to cut the red tape and make the relation with the business environment transparent, is available on www.investromania.gov.ro to any foreign person interested in starting a business in Romania,” the release points out.

Manuel Costescu, Secretary of State with the Economy Ministry, said that “the document will help foreign investors discover Romania’s competitive advantages and turn them into growth levers.”

“We know that the story of each investor is different, and we commit to contribute with everything in our power in order to participate in shaping up some new successful stories,” Costescu is quoted in the release as saying.

The Foreign Investor’s Guide is fully edited in English, structured on seven chapters: ‘Investment Climate’, ‘Economy’, ‘Business Ecosystem’, ‘Financing Availability’, ‘Employment and Labor Law’, ‘Fiscal Policy’ and ‘Living in Romania’, the release mentions.

The InvestRomania team within the Economy Ministry is is working on and will complete in the coming months “an integrated platform, providing the opportunity to connect foreign investors with local suppliers,” the release points out.

“This way, we will provide support to the local companies in key-industries (auto, IT&C, bio-economy, aeronautics, creative industries, etc.) which want to integrate in the value chain of foreign companies,” the release also shows.

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