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June 28, 2022

Pupils have their own statute starting with 2016-2017 school year

Education Minister Mircea Dumitru on Wednesday endorsed the Pupil’s Statute, a document that regulates the rights and obligations of the pupils registered in the state-run, private or confessional educational units of Romania, a first of this kind drafted in Romania after 1990.

According to a press release, the final form of the document gained shape after a public debate the Education Ministry organized over 17 June – 4 July, the provisions of which will apply starting with the 2016-2017 school year.

A major component of this document is given by the strengthening of the pupils’ role in the school community, the document being drafted by the Education Ministry in collaboration with the National Pupils’ Council and other representative organisations of the students.

“I wish the Pupils’ Statute will contour a framework where the pupil’s voice will be really heard in the school community. A voice that should be informed, responsible, interested to protect the rights of the pupils and increase, at the same time, the students’ capability to get involved in the school life. I also wish that the pupils and teachers have an active dialogue, become partners for a common good, because school is about and for the pupils,” minister Mircea Dumitru said.

The rights of the pupils are structured into five categories: educational rights, association and expression rights, social rights, rewards and other rights. The document also provides duties, prohibitions and sanctions for the infringement by the pupils inside the educational unit, of the provisions of the statute or the explicit provisions in the normative acts in force.

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