Deutsche Telekom’s new “Europe” communication campaign is launched in Romania

  • A new communication campaign initiated by Deutsche Telekom at European level featuring star tenor Andrea Bocelli will touchdown in Romania
  • Timotheus Höttges, CEO Deutsche Telekom: “A borderless Europe needs borderless communication”
  • Supporting the idea that technology connects people and markets across borders, the campaign is launched in Romania under the motto “Feel connected in Romania and in Europe with the new Telekom 4G experience”


 Telekom Romania launches the new “Europe” communication campaign initiated by Deutsche Telekom at European level. The campaign featuring tenor Andrea Bocelli conveys Deutsche Telekom’s and the artist’s shared belief in the idea of a connected Europe. Romania is among the twelve European countries in which Deutsche Telekom will successively be running the new campaign to highlight again the Group’s strategy for becoming the leading European telecommunications provider.

“We, Deutsche Telekom, see Europe as a gain. We operate in 13 European markets. This makes us more international. We exchange ideas and information amongst our national companies. We learn from each other, and that makes us better”, explains Deutsche Telekom CEO Timotheus Höttges, thereby affirming the importance of the European idea with respect to entrepreneurial decisions. “Network technology and digitization are the basis for borderless communication. A borderless Europe needs borderless communication.”

Claudia Nemat, Member of the Deutsche Telekom AG Board of Management responsible for Europe and Technology, adds “We want to continue investing in our pan-European network and in innovative services, with a view to expanding our technological leadership in Europe, and offering the best customer experience.”

On the Romanian market the new media campaign is running starting today under the headline “Feel connected in Romania and in Europe with the new Telekom 4G experience”.

“With an extended coverage for 4G services and benefits that our customers can use both in Romania and when abroad in roaming, Telekom offers not only attractive price plans, but also an enhanced experience in using our services. With the new media campaign we want to reinforce the message for our customers that the network of the future should connect as many people as possible, across boundaries, and offer the best service and innovative products”, said Miroslav Majoroš, CEO Telekom Romania.

Telekom Romania offers a wide portfolio of mobile services both for residential and business customers, with included data traffic at 4G speeds – both national and while roaming abroad in the countries where Telekom has signed 4G roaming agreements. With Talk, Surf & Complete price plans, Telekom residential customers benefit from up to 2 GB of data traffic while roaming in EUcountries and up to 8 GB of national traffic which users can also use when roaming for an additional fee of 0.06 EUR / MB (VAT included). With voice and mobile data price plans for business customers, companies can benefit of up to 3 GB 4G data traffic in roaming when in the EU and up to 9GB national 4G data traffic, which customers can also use in roaming for an additional tariff of 0.06 EUR / MB (VAT included).


“You can’t see what it is that connects Europe. But you can feel it.”


The Europe campaign represents the connectedness of countries and people, through a network that is invisible but always provides this feeling of connectedness. The TV commercial conveys this idea through Andrea Bocelli, who lost his eyesight at the age of 12. The tenor takes the viewer on a whirlwind trip across Europe. Accompanied by emotionally appealing images and music, he explains the significance of the network’s power to overcome boundaries. With his arms flung wide open, Andrea Bocelli symbolizes connectedness provided in Europe through Telekom and its partner networks.

For Andrea Bocelli, today’s network technology is one of the great achievements of our modern world. “The network turns Europe into a community and brings people closer together. Like my music. Music is a special language that everybody understands – and thus connects people”, says the tenor. “Life is a complex web of relationships with people. With the help of this network and new technologies, I want to stay connected with all the people who are important to me. What is true for music is also true for the network: You can’t see what it is that connects Europe. But you can feel it.”

The central visual element of the campaign is the magenta “T” visually represented by arms wide-open in a “T pose” struck by people in different situations. The emotional gesture of opening one’s arms is universally understood and here it stands for human connectedness across Europe’s boundaries. It translates the Telekom brand and the T logo into an open, positive gesture which makes Telekom network visible as a symbol.

The campaign is accompanied by a TV commercial and a range of print and outdoor advertising, as well as by online and social media communication.

The Europe campaign was launched in Germany in mid-July and will run in Albania, Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.



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