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May 22, 2022

Romanian Navy Day celebrated with waltz, show of colour, lights and with parade of military ships on Black Sea

navy dayThe more than 20,000 spectators who attended on Monday on the promenade in front of Navy Command the dynamic FNR 16 Exercise organised on the occasion of Navy Day, as a true show of sound, colour and light saw for the first time an ingenious choreographic number, structured through harmonised maneuvers of the new tugboats, Vartosul, Vanjosul and Voinicul, on Dmitri Shostakovich’s Waltz No 2, performed by the Romanian Navy Music band.

The events devoted to the Navy Day, carried out with the participation of over 20 ships and approximately 3,000 servicemen and civilians started on schedule, at 10:00, after President Klaus Iohannis reviewed the Guard of Honour on the Navy Command plateau. During the national anthem’s performance, the national flag was hoisted on the mast on the promenade and a 21-gun salute was performed, and the servicemen aboard the ships in the roadstead hoisted the flag, the grand jack and the full-dress.

Navy Staff Chief, rear admiral Alexandru Mirsu delivered a speech on the opening of the events devoted to the Romanian Navy Day, followed by the salute of President Klaus Iohannis, who underscored that the celebration is devoted to those who serve with honesty and integrity the traditions and creed of the military and civilian navy.

After the presentation of the Common Order of the National Defence Minister, the Transport Minister and the Interior Minister on the celebration of the 2016 Romanian Navy Day, a decree was readout under which the Navy Staff Chief, rear admiral Alexandru Mirsu, was promoted to vice-admiral, and River Flotilla commander Cornel Rogozanu was promoted to flotilla rear admiral. The Archbishop of Tomis held a Te Deum service, followed by flower anchors launching on the sea, in the memory of navy heroes.

God Neptune, accompanied by his retinue, landed in the Port of Tomis for the festivity opening and a pyrotechnical effect show was presented as a first over the sea.

Alongside Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis, National Defence Minister Mihnea Motoc, Interior Minister Petre Toba, Public Finance Minister Anca Dragu, military attaches and diplomatic corps representatives, US Ambassador Hans Klemm, Mufti Muurat Iusuf, head of the Muslim Denomination in Romania, Constanta Mayor Decebal Fagadau, Constanta County Council President Horia Tutuianu and parliament members also attended the events in Constanta.


President Iohannis: Black Sea is strategically important point


The Black Sea is a strategically important point, and developments in this area have implications in Euro-Atlantic security, stated President Klaus Iohannis, on Monday, in Constanta, at theiohannis opening of manifestations dedicated to the Day of the Romanian Navy.

“Our history and the history of this region is tied often to the Black Sea. Through its particularities, as a bridge between Europe and Asia, as a point of convergence for cultural influences, economic interests and strategic stakes, the Black Sea has been, over the ages, in many historical moments, a hot spot. The annexation of Crimea in 2014 by the Russian Federation, by breaching international law, has marked the deterioration of the security situation. Added to that were other strategic and military challenges and developments that make this region a hotspot once more. What is presently happening at the Black Sea is no longer a local issue and does not pertain solely to a regional balance. The developments in this area have effects beyond its borders, they have implications on Euro-Atlantic security, and the Black Sea is a strategically important point,” said the head of state.

President Iohannis has emphasized that in this context Romania’s position and its major security options are all the more decisive.

“When I spoke in the National Defence Strategy of a Romania that is powerful in Europe and the world I had in mind also the way in which our country defines itself in this complicated region and in the new geopolitical reality. As part of the Black Sea region, Romania is presently a pillar of stability, democracy and security. There are real advantages and we must have the capacity to use them to consolidate our position of NATO member-state, of credible strategic partner, especially in the current global context,” Klaus Iohannis emphasized.

Romania has not only the potential, but all chances to become a relevant regional actor if “we will have the political wisdom, vision and maturity to build a profile for a strong Romania,” said the head of state, who underlined the necessity for a new country project.

“Our joint energies can best be capitalized if they are put in the service of an objective that binds us, a new country project. Such an integrating vision for Romania, which we can trace out through consensus, will need the effort and involvement of all to become reality,” said President Klaus Iohannis.


“NATO will continue to support Romania’s; other Black Sea riparian states’ efforts”


The North Atlantic Alliance will continue to support Romania’s and the other Black Sea riparian states’ efforts, President Iohannis also said on Monday, in Constanta, at the opening of manifestations organized on the occasion of the Day of Romanian Navy.

The head of state emphasized that through the new consolidated posture of discouragement and defence of NATO, the territory of member states is protected against any threats, including those regarding naval communications lines and maritime waterways.

“As an active ally involved in the demarches and actions of NATO, Romania will continue to pursue the consolidation of security and defence in the maritime dimension. In 2017 we will continue with preparation exercises and activities, at a superior level of complexity, together with the Allies and with partners in the Black Sea region. It is an objective that we have assumed and that was agreed upon in the Warsaw summit. In order to fulfill their missions, the Romanian Naval Forces need proper equipment and an increase in interoperability level,” said the President.

Klaus Iohannis recalled that at the NATO Summit in Warsaw, that took place in July, the strategic importance of the Black Sea for the Alliance was affirmed, similarly to the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic, and that, for the first time, a document regarding regular military-political evaluation of the security environment of the region was adopted.

“To these strategic decisions with major relevance for Romania’s security, added is a complex package of defence measures in the ground, air and maritime domains, as well as a series of options in the air and naval dimensions for a NATO presence in the Black Sea region,” said President Iohannis.


PM Ciolos: Thank you, civilian and military seamen, for everything you do


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos on Monday sent a message on the Romanian Navy Day, thanking the civilian and military seamen for everything they do, both in the defence area and in the area of commercial exchanges.

“A special wish on the Romanian Navy Day to all those who, in love with the sea, have chosen to go across the world’s waters in order to serve our country. I am thanking you, civilian and military seamen, for everything that you do both in the defence area and in the area of commercial exchanges. Last, but not least, because you carry the values and traditions abroad. May Virgin Mary, your protector, guide you and may you always come back home safely,” Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos wrote on Facebook.


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