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November 30, 2021

Basescu to PMP local leaders: Lists of candidates for general election require party chairman’s signed approval

The final lists of the People’s Movement Party’s candidates in the general election need the signed approval of the party chair, as per the requirements of the law, PMP national leader Traian Basescu told fellow party members at a meeting of the party’s National Executive Council on Wednesday.

Basescu told the local leaders that each and every organisation has until September 15 to submit “a list of those who want to run” for an MP seat.

“Mind you, not a list of those who get the organisation’s approval. You are all required to find out if party members want to run for MP seats and those willing to do so must file a formal application backed by their resume, for us to know what the potential candidates have done so far. Applications from all over the country will be centralised after September 15 and we’ll discuss them in this forum. The next step, according to the requirements of the law, is the formal approval of the lists under the signature of the party’s chairman. This is the law, whether we like it or not; democracy has its limits. Someone must make the decision,” said Basescu, according to Agerpres.


PMP national leader requires effective professional practice of party members seeking MP seats


National leader of the People’s Movement Party has recommended party organisation leaders, as a criterion for the eligibility of the candidates in the upcoming general election, to make sure that the candidates have effectively practiced a profession.

“I’ve made organisation leaders a specific recommendation: advise those wishing to run to have had a job. When I say having a job don’t mean people with a graduation diploma, but people who have truly practiced a profession and who are free politicians. When you have never practiced a profession and find yourself a fresh MP you will refrain from no servility compromise to stay in politics at any cost. Those who have a job will do politics in a relaxed way because they know that if they fail to secure an MP seat in the next election, because they do not bend to political bosses, they have a refuge in their own profession,” Basescu said on Wednesday at the end of a meeting of the PMP National Executive Council.

He added that experience in a profession helps MPs contribute to the bills under debate.

“When you have effectively practiced a profession that allows you to feel free as a politician, you also have the necessary experience to contribute to the laws that pass through your hands,” said Basescu.


PMP to come up with Gov’t programme around September 15


The People’s Movement Party (PMP) will come up with a government programme around September 15, that will be drawn up by the party’s specialist departments coordinated by PMP national leader Traian Basescu.

Sources with PMP told Agerpres that the decision was taken on Wednesday at a convention of the PMP’s National Executive Committee.

They also said the convention, hosted by Parliament Place in Bucharest, agreed to reform the PMP’s 14 specialist departments by supplementing them with members from the former National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) that merged with PMP.

The 14 specialist departments of PMP deal with transport and infrastructure; economic policy, budget, finance, banks and European funds; agriculture, forestry, food industry and specific services; religious denominations and national minority issues; local and regional public administration; the environment, waters and ecological balance; labour, social protection, healthcare and family affairs; education, science, research, youth and sports; culture and arts; mass-media and information communications; foreign affairs, European affairs; overseas Romanian communities, public order and national security; judicial affairs, constitutional law and human rights.

Under the PMP statutes, membership of the specialist departments is open to party members and sympathisers alike, as well as to renowned specialists from various fields of activity.

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