High Court rules further 30 days preventive arrest for former BNR vicegovernor Olteanu

The former National Bank of Romania (BNR) vicegovernor Bogdan Olteanu will remain in preventive arrest, after the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) judges ruled to extend the warrant for another 30 days.

Constantin Durgheu, Bogdan Olteanu’s attorney, announced that he will contest the decision of the judges.

“His situation is a real situation, that nobody can neglect. He doesn’t need to complain, but his situation is obvious to be frustrating, one of emotional turmoil, due to the fact that he cannot exercise his right to defence. It is true that the preventive arrest state cannot give you psychological or emotional comfort, but comfort is one thing and a right to defence is another. He had nothing to object towards the detention conditions, even though they’re not the best and that is known, everybody is complaining about them, but the emotional turmoil is especially because he cannot duly exercise his right to defence,” said Durgheu.

The former BNR vicegovernor Bogdan Olteanu was placed under preventive arrest on August 12 for 16 days and stands accused of influence peddling. The High Court admitted a contest filed by the National Anticorruption Directorate and overturned a decision taken by another panel that ruled home arrest on July 29, ruling preventive arrest for 16 days.

Bogdan Olteanu, at the time Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, stands accused of requesting and receiving from Sorin Ovidiu Vantu one million euro and electoral support in exchange for appointing Liviu Mihaiu as governor of the Danube Delta.


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